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Rekindling Skyrim
Collection by: -=[DoD]=- Corb
A collection of well made (if not somewhat unfair) mods that completely change the core gameplay of skyrim into something more fun, a tad bit lighthearted, and otherwise a treat. (REQUIRES HEARTHFIRE)
My Little Mod Pack
Collection by: ThePillowFluffer
Skyrim Survival Package - FULL
Collection by: 「マイキー / Moiky」 ˙͜>˙
The compelte package. Read all the mod descriptions incase some of them need config changes. This pack aims to add a more natural & survival feel to Skyrim. Expect updates soon.
Collection by: MR_FAGIOLO97
New Homes & Fun Places
Collection by: Restless Dead
A few housing mods that work together, or that work together so far.
World Additions
Collection by: Vxillery
Houses and caves that blend into the countryside, as though they have been there all along.
my race mod collection
Collection by: raiko4
just a collection of mods
Collection by: Full-Pint
Skyrim Map, Player Home and 'place of interest' mods
Skyrim Graphical Overhaul and Immersion
Collection by: Honkfart Incorporated
A Graphical Overhaul and Immersion Compilation.
Collection by: John Spruce
Legends Of nirn part 1
Collection by: raiko4
a collection of epic mods. 2 comming soon... i changed the title. instead of tamriel its nirn now cuz nirn is the planet that pyandonea, atmora, tamriel and other places in the game are
Wrath's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: WrathPhoenix
This is a basic collection of mods that i have found work well with each other. This was originally intended as a collection to share with my wife, but I am making it public for anyone who wants to try our experience. Note of caution: I am using these ...
Just misc stuff
Collection by: Adultratedhydra
I put this together for convenience of sharing with friends more than anything else.
Northspire Studios: Complete Pack
Collection by: Nate Keen
A collection of mods by Northspire Studio. Enjoy!
parhaat modit (osa niist )
Collection by: Alekzi
Collection by: Midnight
A small packet of werewolf stuff and Companion stuff. that either involves werewolves or the Companions of Whiterun
Mods for Saves
Collection by: LoungeLizard
Collection by: Heisenberg
my fav mods so far
Collection by: Dr. Assistant Homiside
just some of my fav mods... :P
Mods I Usually Use
Collection by: mindtrixx Man of Leisure
For friends mostly.
Skyrim balanced and enhanced
Collection by: JitsMonkey
A collection of mods to balance and enhance skyrim. You will need skyrim script extender for everything to work.
My perfect skyrim
Collection by: Scribes
Something i wiped up from my favorite mods
My collection
Collection by: The Wolverine
They are mine.
My Collection
Collection by: Kryptt
Just a Collection of mods i use to improve my Skyrim, all of them are lore-friendly, and most are just for visual aspect changes. Feel free to give it a look, and if you like some, sub away! All these guys did such a great job on these, by the way, and th...
Custom Collection
Collection by: Pimp Daddy Dovahkiin
this is a collection of just about anything i can get my hands on and/or can think of.
Mods Skyrim
Collection by: Parade
Mes mods!
Collection by: marcobowl525
Better Skyrim
Collection by: Eltreum
Collection of fixes and improvements to the game, be it graphical or gameplay related.
Collection by: ShadowAngel2583
Here's my favorite collection of Crossbows
Wraitox seine Kollektion
Collection by: Wraitox
Mr Herp Derp am Werk
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