The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Collection by: elevated
A collection of dank mods...
Obtainable Outfits
Collection by: Kharybdis
Mods I created to help the community obtain those outfits we wanted so badly.
Skyrim 2014 (use with my Skyrim Nexus mods pack)
Collection by: SKing
my mods
Collection by: jdulesky
Collection by: ~*~ Cryx
Tolkien Inspired Skyrim
Collection by: Deisophia
A selection of mods based upon the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, from Lord of the Rings to the SIlmarillion. These mods are made by a number of talented individuals, please show them your support. Unfortunately I am not a modder so will be unable to assist...
Remedial's Classic Elder Scrolls Companion Collection
Collection by: ExMathematician
These are my mods that recreate characters from previous Elder Scrolls games. Miniscule now, but I will eventually add more.
Falling Water Tower (player home)
Collection by: MONKWORKS
FALLING WATER TOWER 2 - PLAYER HOME - DAWNGUARD READY Dawnguard required Falling Water Tower 1: Falling Water Tower 2:
Zack8175's Hardcore Mage Pack
Collection by: Zack8175
This is a pack for Hardcore Mages. I try to keep it as Strictly Magic Based as possible. Also tell me if you think I should add or remove some mods in the comments.
oren LAG
Collection by: oren 凸(^_^)凸 weedgun
Pack HD 1 de LAG
Convenience Tweaks
Collection by: Team Vladof
Mods to fix minor issues, annoyances, inconveniences, and/or to make the game easier. Some of these are definitely cheats, because I like to play a "touristy" game of Skyrim. So, pick-n-choose as you see fit.
Personal List
Collection by: robi289
Essential Vanilla Mods
Collection by: P3ter P4rker
This collection picks and chooses the best gameplay, character creation, and world-building overhauls, bugfixes, and additions with minimal performance impact and no SKSE requirements. All of these mods are available on vanilla Skyrim through Steam, and ...
MasterBuddha's Library
Collection by: Masterbudda117
Spawtsie's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Spawtsie Paws
Rose Mods!
Collection by: Git-Gud-Weiner-Barf
Mods for Rose!
EmPee's Awesome Skyrim
Collection by: MartyP1229
Skyrim Random Mods
Collection by: King_Rami777
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