The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Collection by: Woffle
The Hairs do not lie.
Collection by: Bushy
Work in Progress....
Collection by: Friar Fish Fryer
Skyrim Graphic Overhaul
Collection by: Ferrari
Pretty! All work well together on my machine!
role players united mods
Collection by: SaneMoon
this for all you players out there who thing skyrim could be better whith a little role playing touch these mods include random starting locations and gear better caracter creation better smithing new world encounters and so much more. will keep ...
Mods That Enhance Skyrim
Collection by: fyre577
All of these mods work together to really enhance Skyrim and make it a lot more fun. Credit goes to all of the modders who took time out of their lives to create these mods, thank you for this :)
Better Skyrim
Collection by: y2kid
Makeing skyrim look better!
Collection by: ShadowAngel2583
Here's my favorite collection of Pets
Mods used with 550ti
Collection by: DaPuppet007
Just some basic fun mods that I can confirm play nice on an i3-2100 w/550ti. I do play the game using the nvidia optimized settings found on their site, (1680x1050) which for the 550ti is practically ultra settings with no MSAA and fxaa/distant object fad...
Glory to the Archmage
Collection by: Rigby
This collection seeks to improve the usefulness of magic and specifically the position of Archmage. Collection still in testing! Compatibility Issues: None yet observed
The Almighty Collection
Collection by: The Almighty Smotsman
Collection of mods for use by the Almighty clan.
Collection by: Solidious
Mods pour Skyrim
FireTiger's Collection
Collection by: firetigeris
These are my current mods- That is all Requires DG, HF, SKSE - there are two diffrent 'skip the wagon' mods- don't install both- "Random Start" and "DIMES Quickstart" Pick only ONE.
realisctic skyrim 101
Collection by: jdog2468
the most realistic skyrim collection i could make. BIG thx to all you who made the mods without u guys this would be VERY hard
My Favorite & Recommended Mods
Collection by: BorgWolf
I Have Had Nothing To Do With The Concept Or Creation Of Any Of These Mods, Just Mods I Use Ingame Constantly. A collection of Assorted Mods that I have spent hours of fun with, I have Additional Mods installed Via Nexus, However they will not show up ...
Collection by: Kardeem18
TEHG33KS Essentials
Collection by: t-ig
All the mods featured in the channels recent video now available for download here so mix and match to your hearts conent and go smite away
lems turtle fun
Collection by: Poverty Ghost
cool stuff and a turtle pic
Collection by: ShadowAngel2583
Here's my favorite collection of Marvel's The Avengers
Bertter Skyrim
Collection by: xXkalibXxthen0sc0perXxdudleyy
a pack that helps to add lots of small things but all together they are geart enjoy :)
Steve's Collection
Collection by: Trolldogg
This is my huge pack of Mods that currently are running on my PC - I recommend running BOSS to check for load order. I take no credit for any of these - just my collection I use
Wild Skyrim
Collection by: XxBootyPopperxX
Difficulty: Hard This series of mods adds new quests, monsters, dungeons, and loot for you enjoyment.
Collection by: Flyingpopcorn
Collection by: Leeyum
-ENGLISH. These are some mods I use. It's the little things that make this game perfect... oh and some big things too! I no longer use some of these mods for certain reasons, I will keep them posted but I will let you know which mods I no lon...
So Mark, you wanted to be a Wizard?
Collection by: theGreatZamboni
ZAP! That's right, the sound your footsteps make because you ARE A REAL WIZARD!!! -You wake up in the morning, you look in the mirror. -You see a milk drinker -You Slap your face and think, "this is what I wanted" -You put on your wizard robes and h...
My favorite mods
Collection by: Chains
My favorite mods ins kyrim
What I use
Collection by: Daedalus The Dopefish
What I have currently
Alpaca Collective
Collection by: Exovus
A collection of my favourite mods for one of my favourite games :)
Crafting & Smithing
Collection by: ShadowAngel2583
Here's my favorite collection of Crafting & Smithing
Collection by: redscourge93
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