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Graphics: Cities
Collection by: Cateater
-Makes cities prettier, compatability currently unknown. -Requires all DLCs -I have a 650ti sc, so you can probably run this as good as I can. You can also add: More Bees Traveling Merchants Fire Hurts More Village Animals More Skyrim - Alpha ...
My Mod Pack
Collection by: EvilTim
my fav skyrim mods
Collection by: Kirito S.A.O for life
Skyrim Essentials
Collection by: Tenshi
Essential Visual, Sound and Gameplay mods
skrim npcs
Collection by: framtidensseriekung
a collection of mods that adds new npcs
The Best Mods
Collection by: Nailus Hunter
Just the mods i belive are the best :D
Assassin739's Colllection
Collection by: Assassin739
This is just a private collection of mine, I just use it for my Skyrim. I have all DLCs BTW, so your game may crash. You can use this collection if you want, but it's really just my private collection.
Hunting & Gathering
Collection by: Altbert
A collection of mods that make hunting and gathering more realistic. Do not activate "Hunting & Gathering" together with one or more of the other mods in this collection.
Skyrim Compendium - Enhancers
Collection by: Immortal_Daemon
A collection of anything graphics-related that will result in affecting your performance more than a negligible amount. NOTE: These mods do NOT work together. You need to pick and choose. NOTE: These mods DO affect your performance. You need t...
The Better Skyrim Experience
Collection by: :(
These suggested mods are my favourite ones which will greatly improve your Skyrim adventuring experience. These are mostly realistic and lore-friendly mods that will certainly make your Skyrim more realistic and immersive place. My collection includes s...
Mods i use!
Collection by: Jenner
This a collection off all the mods i have subscribed to.
skyrim core mods
Collection by: Obi-wan Chernobyl
must have quality mods that do not affect gameplay in any significant way all unofficial patches - because bugfixes are good skyui - because the default menu navigation sucks in comparison unread books glow - because remembering which books...
Pretty Skyrim
Collection by: WitekT
Makes skyrim prettier - includes also unofficial mods from skyrim nexus: Authentik ENB ( ApachiiSkyHair ( ApachiiSkyHair natural retexture (
Dark Brotherhood Gear
Collection by: Aesgard
god of war
Collection by: E0311
god of war armor
Ultimate Skyrim Smithing Collection
Collection by: Spartan 212 "Husky"
All of the best available smithing workshop mods
ребят!Русская колекция!
Collection by: CEDZIP
эта коллекция на улучшение мира "Skyirym"!
Racial Abilities Series
Collection by: Sansomar
For people who like the look of all of the tweaks can subscribe to them all without having to go through all of them, and if you wish to look at them all without searching the name up or clicking on my workshop files. ------------------------------------...
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