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Desired Mods
Collection by Mr. Turtle
Just a list of mods I want to keep around.
Real skyrim lore
Collection by ☣RenzInsanity☣
Thought i can make skyrim a bit more real
More Immersive Skyrim
Collection by YoWombat
Graphics mods and simple tweaks for a more realistic and beautiful Skyrim
Collection by Skully
Skyrim mods
Collection by grue
A collection of Skyrim modes that I'd like to keep track of!
Skyrim MODS
Collection by bernardobfm13
Realistic Skyrim Mods
Collection by archerassassin8
A bunch of realistic skyrim mods.
BearMan's Enhanced Places in Skyrim
Collection by MrPistoler
A collection of "Enhanced Cities", "Enhanced Skyrim", "Places", "Towns & Villages Enhanced", "Moonpath to Elsweyr", "Falskaar"
Collection by pete1
survival or immersion
Return to Skuldafn
Collection by [Charged Myth] Twilight Sparkle
This Collection comprises mods that allow the return to Skuldafn and even Sovngarde! Note: Requires BOTH mods included otherwise map markers will not show OR you will be unable to leave without the console
Collection by karinm_64
Skyrim Graphics
Collection by Erih
Grafiche per Skyrim
My Random Mods
Collection by The61Slayer
Just Mods I like To Use thought Other People Might Enjoy Also Enjoy :D
Collection by [T.C.] キラ (equilibrium) <3
Good Mods
Collection by SingLikeAFox
Mods that are good.
Jessassin's Skyrim Collection
Collection by Jessassin
The mods I use in my Skyrim :D
Basic collection
Collection by King_Upsilon
Basic collection, some cool stuff
Collection by dustyjoe111
My favorite mods
Collection by Sheoragoth
A collection of my favorite mods
Collection by TheOrangeFarmer
Collection by wkilgore99
ficky's current setup
Collection by ︻デ═一 memes ︻デ═一
Collection by Darrell from Walmart
Mods for skyrim
Collection by squidFace!
Game Improvement Mods
Collection by Easter
Here are some mods that will improve gameplay. Heck, at least they did for me.
Weapons, Companions, and MORE!!!
Collection by Easter
Here are some mods that will help improve gameplay, by upgrading weapons, masks, armor, and adding extra little bits and peices of fun.
Skyrim Mod Collection Madchunkx101
Collection by Madchunk101
EveryGamer Skyrim
Collection by everygamer
This is a collection of Skyrim Mod's that I enjoy using when I play. Hearthfire is required.
Skyrim Mods
Collection by Great Blazin Raisin
Collection by jana.sieben
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