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Alden's House Collection
Collection by: Alden
This is a collection of great houses
Lord of the Rings Overhaul
Collection by: jake.reeves123
All of the LOTR V2 mods in one place so it is easier to download. You still must download the Apachii Hair Mod from the Skyrim NEexus
frag85's HD 2k Textures compliment
Collection by: frag85
Running NebuLa's Skyrim HD - 2k Textures: RCN Classic, Install required for the steam workshop can be found here: Unoffical Skyrim Patch:
Just some of the mods I use. [Flacks]
Collection by: Flacks
Just a collection of some of the mods I use. Please note some mods require the use of SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender).
Christmas Mods
Collection by: T3rRoR_SoLdi3R
A collection of the best christmas mods.
Better Vanilla Stuff
Collection by: Patriarachnid
Jeez, Bethesda. Some of the items you put in the game really suck. I am not joking. You make sucky stuff and make us have to swoop in and fix it for you. Not a problem, though. We kind of enjoy fixing your mistakes. Fills us with a sensation of power.
Game Plus
Collection by: NinoJr
A collection of mods that improves your Skyrim experience but doesn't kill the challange; I've tried many mods and I kept only what I think are the best. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)
Lost Memories - The Skyrim Revival Project
Collection by: 「大麻の女神」
This is an effort to gather up mods which re-add content that was unfinished, cut, or otherwise never made it into Skyrim. These mods should add "official" things that were found already existing in some form in the Creation Kit or mentioned by Bethesda....
Lupe's Improved Archery Pack
Collection by: Sarcanis lupus
A collection of archery mods that I use. Not everyone uses a bow so I didn't want to include this in my essential pack for sharing, but still wanted to post these.
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