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Dark Brotherhood forever!
Collection by: Admiral Junno
The dark brotherhood was a bit dull. Too few quests, so i wanted more to it. Sooo i made this!
Just some of the mods I use. [Flacks]
Collection by: Flacks
Just a collection of some of the mods I use. Please note some mods require the use of SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender).
Bard Mods
Collection by: Anduniel
My favorite Bard mods
Hardcore Permadeath Set
Collection by: PhysicalPariah
This is a collection of mods that work incredibly well with simple permadeath rules. The idea is to transform Skyrim into something that you can pick up and play for an hour or so with a single character, rather than half your lifetime. Hope you all e...
My Mods And Stuff
Collection by: TheDarkKnight
my followers
Collection by: Sam Suphit
a compilation of followers that I did, some are more powerful than others, but in each mods, different weapons, different method of fighting, magic spells too, I'll let you enjoy, and if you like, test at least you'll see the difference, thanks :)
Recommended Mods
Collection by: Destero
Requested collection of mods i like to use. I you load all mods at once you will need Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLCs.
Realism Collection
Collection by: OverjoyedLeaf
This is a collection of mods for a more realistic Skyrim
Ultimate Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Scarymonsterss
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