The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Khemi cheats
Collection by: Khemi
Pierwsze próby - na razie cheaty
Nomadic Essentials
Collection by: BranVan
Live the life of a nomad in Skyrim. I've created this collection that's geared toward my preferred play style, someone who lives off the land, moving from keep to keep wherever their path takes them. Mods Included: - Camping Kit of the Northern R...
Only Graphic Mods (OGM)
Collection by: Rorschach
Only Graphic Mods !
Camlas - The Liminal Hand's Visual Mod Collection
Collection by: StrawberryZA
Mods that improve graphics and add (mostly) balanced armours and weapons to increase avatar customization.
Armes et Armures
Collection by: Faf
Armures féminines et mixtes (parce que la mode en Bordeciel est importante ^^) Armes à une main, surtout des épées ou des épées longues et quelques arcs.
It should have been in skyrim.
Collection by: ~Exile~
Collection of things that really should have been in the game to begin with.
Realistisches Skyrim
Collection by: Garok
Dies sind Mods mit denen Skyrim schöner und realistischer wird, es mehr Frisuren zur Auswahl gibt, das eine oder andere neue Haus existiert in dem ihr Wohnen könnt und auch so manche neue Rüstung vorhanden ist.
Pegasus and dark pegasus
Collection by: jprinsloo
Pegasus and dark pegasus are horses that can fly over skyrim. Pegasus can be found near falkreath, wandering the forests. If you find pegasus, give him the golden apple (can buy at The white phial in Windhelm) and pegasus will be yours. Pegasus can fly fa...
Essential Startup Collection
Collection by: ShadowSF96
Just essentials mod that makes the game better.
Collection by: Bloody Wolf
perty stuff
Collection by: Circuitous
Mods I use.
Levis Vision of Skyrim
Collection by: leviphenix88
Skyrim Realism Collection
Collection by: Waffles Of Mass Deliciousness
This mod is aimed at making your skyrim experiance as realistic as possible with a few added perks to offset the difficulty enjoy
My favourite mods ;D
Collection by: jasiufilip
Collection by: chillman
Crafting, Hunting & utility items. Recomended mods
Kemiko Collection
Collection by: Kem!ko |CaLF
A more cinematic experience that adds greatly to Skyrim without changing any core features.
Fusionpoo's Collection
Collection by: fusionpoo
My personal collection of mods. Covers lighting graphics and overhauls.
Forest's Collection
Collection by: Forest
Just for you chris. Appreciate it you bastard.
Skyrimmersion: The Best Mods on the Workshop
Collection by: Athay
I've been downloading mods since launch, and between Steam Workshop and Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) I've compiled what I think are the best ones every Skyrim player should try. Most of these add to the world Bethesda built, and give a greater sense of immersi...
Leo's Skyrim Pack
Collection by: Agent Smith
Collection by: Jsweeder the Noob
3 oblivion items
Collection by: Kardeem18
Content-adding Mods - PCJ Collections
Collection by: ppirilla
Lore-Friendly new locations and voiced quests. This collection is for mods that would not feel out of place in the base game. I'm always looking for things I've missed and new mods to try. If you have a suggestion, leave a comment for me! Note th...
Collection by: ShadowAngel2583
Here's my favorite collection of Cheats for Skyrim
VD9 Khajiit Pack
Collection by: VenomD95
Mods to improve khajiit gamplay and NPCs. I also reccomend nuska's Dagi-Raht khajiit race mod and KISS sprint and sneak
Prodigy's Ultimate Mod Collection
Collection by: Prodigy
Just a bunch of mods and tweaks that make the game awesome.
House Mods
Collection by: Shoot Me Zen
Mods that make changes to player homes and do not alter the dynamics or lore of the game
Mods I love
Collection by: Dr. Dokuro Shutan
Best mods
Collection by: josa
gameplay improvements that i'd recommend
Collection by: The_Pb_Farmer
these are a few gameplay improving mods that I'd recommend for ANY new players on the PC platform
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