The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Houses For Skyrim
Collection by: Scottyboy254
This is a list of houses that I have gone through and checked out, and I recommend them to anyone, but they may be tailored towards one type of player. (Mage, Thief, ect.) These Houses may also have requirements of Hearthfire, Dawnguard, or Dragon...
More Random Shit I Like.
Collection by: [LapFox] Cupcake Goat
Just a collection of random shit I like in Skyrim. There are a lot of collections like it. This one is mine. Background image is a random-ass screenshot from SecondLife. I guess it represents peace between warring factions through diplomacy or some shi...
Kohmah collecters
Collection by: Komah
Because steam sucks at downloading mods
Enhanced Skyrim
Collection by: Buddy
Any mods that would make Skyrim more immersive and expanded.
Batsmurf's Mods
Collection by: Bigbarazi
my collection to share with friends
Cardboard's Favorite Graphics & Aesthetics Mods
Collection by: CardboardBox
My favorite mods for enchancing the vanilla skyrim game. I made this mainly for my friends and to keep track of my mods easier, but feel free to use my collections.
Skyrim Essentials
Collection by: Kithara
Important: don't forget SKSE ( to get SkyUI to work and BOSS ( to get your mods sorted! Other essential mods from Skyrim Nexus: --------------------------------------------------- - P...
Yamtus Graph overacting
Collection by: yamtus
Extreme, graph and other Stuff shit... perfekt for all Graph Junkies with the Wish of a best Graph
Schöner,Besser,Geilere welt
Collection by: zubaru-dzw
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