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The true mages Grimoire
Collection by Jhall Ridge
WHAT'S THIS. It appears you've come across the grimoire of famous mage Elaine shepard, it probably contains a list of rare spells, and enchantments she used on her adventures. Why not open it up and see what's inside. (A collection containing some of my f...
Collection by The Ultimate XD
I use all of these mods together, so they shouldn't conflict at all. I also have Tropical Skyrim and a Third person .ini tweak that I use. It takes away the combat center-screen thing so that the camera doesn't move when going in and out of combat. I will...
Sanderson's Skyrim Collection
Collection by [B/1-187IR] Sanderson
Collection for my friends
90% Double Gpu
Collection by Beka ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
Use the ENB
Collection by SherShow/Mangozjeb
Better, harder, fannyer.
Rockbad's Gore Collection
Collection by Rockwell5
Collection of simple gore mods aiming to bring more realistic blood effects and ragdoll forces to combat; separate from my other collections for sake of optionality.
Unique Item Upgrades - Dragon Priest Masks
A collection of mods made by me that buffs the enchantments on the nine vanilla Dragon Priest Masks, as well as changes them for different Heavy/Light/Mage armor playstyles.
Collection by Mirage
Collection by MitchBuchannon
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