The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Longer Dragon Battles 2x
Collection by: snowgim
Dragons have 2x more health. Battles last a bit longer. Dragon battles should be more epic. Vanilla dragons are well balanced, but too quick to die. Now when fighting dragons, those NPC guards aren't just an annoyance, you may need the whole town to he...
Immortals "Gotta have FUN", too!- "Let's ROCK & ROLL"!
Collection by: RuggdTreeHugger
I made a an Immortal decision two seprate the Races Mods from the Gifts, Abuilities, and Magic Item's they are friends: Quick Tutorial: Search near Whiterun after Riverwood to find some quick Ninroot, please don't eat it(mod) and pay to t...
Better Skyrim
Collection by: Xandrel
Better mods on entire Workshop.
World Add-ons Collection
Collection by: The Lord Marshal aka Ragnrok
Collection of mods which add large amounts of content that change the ingame world. such as mods which add islands or large quests.
Skyrim Mods Setup
Collection by: Djtmk
I have gathered and tested some mods and I decided to share them with the community. In this collection these are my favorit mods that in my opion make skyrim better for me to play in. DLCs are requiered for some of the mods. DLC along with the mods are l...
CurlyKaiserBunny's Pack of Wonderful Mods
Collection by: ◄CurlyKaiserBunny►
Just some of my favorite mods gonna put all together :D Which make the game soo much more enjoyable without barely making a cheat out of it :3 All these mods should work with each other soo yeah <-> Copyright goes to everyone who made or owns their...
Skyrim Compendium - Essentials
Collection by: Immortal_Daemon
Description: A collection of subtle graphics, gameplay, sound, and immerision mods. Includes things like new menus and fonts, new sound effects, new objects in towns and in nature, new character behaviors, more wildlife, more enemies, a few large quests...
Skyrim Spell Mods
Collection by: Psykotik
A collection of spell mods I use. Whether it be essential or game-breaking.
Skyrim Essential Mods
Collection by: LegendaryOfHell
A small collection mods for skyrim.
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