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Collection by: JACKET
This Collection of Mods does not take anything away from the intended play of SKYRIM, It adds MORE realistic visuals and characters, dynamic weather effects, some editional quests that are perfect for skyrim and best of all caters to the WEREWOLF in ALL O...
Graphics snob
Collection by: acarroll15
A series of mods for the graphic snobs out there!
G10arry's Followers
Collection by: Lycan
Are you sick of Lydia? These are all my followers which have been made to order by players. They are all good followers, each has their own personality. Some of them use Apachii Sky Hair to run.,
Craft Gold Coins :D
Collection by: skilljim101
Craft Gold Coins with Gold ingot : 1 Gold ingot = 130 Gold Coins And now 1 Steel ingots : 5 Lockpicks :D
Zerker161's favorite mods
Collection by: [bZrk-O] Zerker161
Its a group of awsome lore friendly mods and mods to help those cheaters out there. Enjoy
Miscellaneous Weapons
Collection by: IraenShift
Miscellaneous collection of weapons that are cool or interesting to me.
Sammy's Mod Preference
Collection by: $@mmy
Le Mod che attualmente preferisco.
Waricck's Manly Mod Collection
Collection by: Waricck
All the mods that I have deemed worthy of adding to the vanilla gameplay experience. They do not go against lore and are all balanced and work together. Enjoy!
JcxPuff Collection
Collection by: JonCris
Coleccion para mis Suscriptores de Youtube!
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