The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Captain's Collection
Collection by: VDV - hello from the sky!
This is the collection of mods which I am currently using in Skyrim. It adds various new content such as cool new armours and clothing pieces, random quests and new environments and unique weapons. The Throwing Weapons mod is one of my favourites, sin...
Useful Utilities
Collection by: Lemonocle
A collection of mutually compatable utility mods I use in my game.
Lore Friendly Immersible Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Obanon
As I was looking through the collections, i found none that really suited me, so I figured maybe there might be some others who wanted their skyrim experience the way i enjoy playing; lore friendly, immersive, and fun. ---Fav Enb's?--- My favourite en...
Collection by: SherShow
Better, harder, fannyer.
Collection by: FluffyParadox
I've always hated, oh sorry mom, severly disliked that bethesda assumes u had no life before helgen, or decent clothes. Everyone but the non-stormcloaks have armor and fur boots but all u have is a badly stained, ripped rag draped across ur body. And wo...
Collection by: NinjamanJosh
The lot of my nice house mods. Enjoy.
Rockbad's Gore Collection
Collection by: bryanashley1989
Collection of simple gore mods aiming to bring more realistic blood effects and ragdoll forces to combat; separate from my other collections for sake of optionality.
Collection by: mINECRAFT dUDE 420
Unique Item Upgrades - Dragon Priest Masks
Collection by: ♚Barble Bapkins
A collection of mods made by me that buffs the enchantments on the nine vanilla Dragon Priest Masks, as well as changes them for different Heavy/Light/Mage armor playstyles.
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