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Weightless Mods Pack
Collection by Kreksar
just a collection of all the weight reducing mods everyone else made. little to no effort here on my part.
Better Vanilla NPCs
Collection by Sushi Cat
A collection of the mods I've been working on.
Realistic Design Gameplay Mod collection by PikuVava
Collection by douglasadams
Realistic Design Gameplay Mod collection by PikuVava Contains: Perfect mods in Workshop to increase your Skyrim experience by Gameplay. All these mods are in top place in Workshop and they contains handprints of professional programmers and modellers...
Skyrim Enchantments
Collection by pwfd
I'll probably make more of these so I better just start my own collection, all the enchanted items I made for Skyrim.
Game of Thrones Pack
Collection by GearQueen
Just a place to collect the Game of Thrones themed mods!
Eyes Open, Walk with The Shadows.
Collection by crackknuckle
Luck, such a funny matter. Seems almost uncontrollable, yet controls everything that happens in this world. But a true thief knows the secret behind all luck, the great Daedra Nocturnal! Nocturnal, Mother to all thieves, has smiled upon you and gifted you...
The Mage's Guide
Collection by Starkiller86
This is a collection of magic spells, alchemy, enchanting, and soul gem crafting. I couldn't find a collection specificly for mages and magic, so I decided to make one myself.
Doslobos's Must Have Mod Collection
Collection by Comrade Doslobos96
mods that are just mods that everyone should have :P
True Elder Scrolls
Collection by Samagon
Meine Kollektion setzt nur auf Originelles... Kein Krimskrams... Nur das was wirklich zu "The Elder Scrolls" passt"!
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