The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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PnP's Immersion Collection
Collection by: HotBroadcast
The ultimate collection of my favorite Skyrim mods that not only increase how immersive the game is, but makes it more fun to play.
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Denpahg
nath collection
Collection by: [NnG]nananatha
Realistic Hunter Collection (RHC)
Collection by: n.vanbun
I've always played Skyrim from my laptop. This disabled me from adding real fancy HD mods, which would result into massive lag and/or freezes. So ever since I started playing I've tried to find a balance in finding mods which added aesthetic value but wou...
Meine Kolektion/WARserLPNiklas
Collection by: Niklas
Vermutlich nicht die Top 100 aber richtig geil.
Star Wars
Collection by: Axyl_Paradox
Star Wars
Collection by: Nikiel
Skyrim 4ever
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: ZephyrtheDragon
My mods i like. Note that this is just the mods that are on steam.
Ultimate Nordic Ruins Mod Lineup
Collection by: Thadius Faran
This includes Nexus and Steam mods. If your looking to expand your dungeon delving experience look no farther. This lineup includes textures, sounds, new ruins, and the REAL Nordic Ruins Series which expands on current ruins by removing lights, adding ...
Collection by: Reggae Shark (Order 2988)
My OP Weapons.
Collection by: MarshMallowShark
This is my collection of mods that include, a oneshot bow called The Bow of Eternal Death (Version 1 & 2), The Ring of Indistructability (Heavy and light), So in total i have 4 mods that go great together based on the style you play with.
Best visuals you can get in Skyrim through the Workshop
Collection by: Abnormaly Good Looking John
MadMarbleHead's Mods
Collection by: MadMarbleHead
My Mods...
Collection by: Mattyratty
Cool buncherino ov moderinos
Lord of the rings !
Collection by: HisRoyalFreshness
Lord of the rings conversion
Backup of Mods ( Don't worry about this )
Collection by: ϟ b761d67 ϟ
Collection by: Whatchamacallit
Personal favorites!
my collection
Collection by: gjv22
Graphic, Atmosphere and Immersion Collection
Collection by: Commander_FU
Mods that push the overall look and feeling of Skyrim without breaking the immersion or adding wierd stuff.
My personal collection of ultra super cool mods of glory and rightous mighty power, with a cherry on top.
Collection by: Darkblitz
Mods that I personaly use.
Greyfox 2020's current Skyrim MOD colleciton
Collection by: [R20]GreyFox2020
These are all the mods that I use whilst Currently playing Skyrim on my new PC
meine Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Insaniation | #Squad-Führer
Das ist eine Liste der Mods, die ich in Skyrim verwende. Ich habe die Mods nicht selber erstellt, nur zusammengetragen. Danke an alle Mod-Ersteller!
Johnnys skyrim mods
Collection by: BestoftheBattlefield
Just what i use made for friends to see.
Collection by: Spidy6
It is amazing and cool
The Most Fantastic Awesome Graphics Group
Collection by: totsuma
Vanilieis's collection
Collection by: Vanilieis
Good Skyrim Mods
Collection by: RebeccaGail
Collection by: Phozoh
Collection by: Foxpelt
You know those cool followers that have these intresting quotes, but are disappointed that they cap at 30/40? Well, these mods are dedicated to making those followers better and making them level indefinately. For example, Kharjo is a Khajiit caravan guar...
Viking Dans Mods
Collection by: VikingDan
These are the mods i use whilst playing/streaming Skyrim
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