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Graphics and Stuff
Collection by ✠Passi965-(GER)✠
Skyrim Favourites
Collection by HannahBelle the Cannibal
Some of my absolute favourite and most used mods for Skyrim!
Milky's Skyrim Basics
Collection by The Fresh Prince of Smells Hair
This is a collection of mods that I always use regardless of what type of character I use. They include Body and facial enhancements, Character creation overhauls, and Character mods, Amongst other things. I plan on making Seperate collections for differe...
Slashym's Collection 200+ mods No DLC required V1.1
Collection by Slashym
This is my Skyrim collection. Please comment and help me make it better. ___________________________________________________________ You Need Skyrim SKSE First. Download There : _____________________________________________...
Нордские всадники
Collection by ☜✙Ş↺Ĺ↻✙☞
Самые основные моды расширяющие геймплей, новые наемники, мод для ручной прокачки и настройки ии наемников, мод для настройки лошадей, заме...
The Roleplay Box
Collection by LAPTOP BROKE - 7 DAYS
Inside of this collection is a nice list of mods I use for my Skyrim Roleplay.
Snellejelle99's enhanced sorting mods
Collection by snellejelle99
all of my mods that enhance the skyrim sorting system
Sloth's Mega Modded Skyrim Pack
Collection by RyDaGuy
ALMOST 200! Veiwers all I want is for you to atleast check it out and if your interested Give it a try! Graphics give little to no and maybe MORE fps. This pack has many mods that will extend your hours by atleast 4. I'm currently in the process of makin...
The Perfect Armor Hoard
Collection by DAT ONE GUY
This is Collection of armors that are LORE FRIENDLY and IN MY OPINION are cool. You need Hearthfire. You need Dragonborn. You need Dawnguard.
Collection by [☆FOFF] Steve
Madz Mods
Collection by DubzScopez
Bunch of mods used by me and MadzPredator
Sensei Gerd's Skyrim Mod Pack
Collection by Bubba Ducky
These are the mod's im using to pla skyrim as of current. All are lore friendly, i think.
JJ White Skyrim mods collection
Collection by JJ_White
These are the mods I use
Disco's Simple Modpack
Collection by Disco
This is a modpack which has very few gameplay modifications and mostly aesthetics to enhance the gaming experience while remaining true to skyrim's style and balanced. If you want to subscribe to all of these compatibility shouldn't be a problem, but you ...
Rye's Skyrim Experience
Collection by RyeMaHo
A bunch of mods I've picked through, that all work with eachother. If you find any compatibility issues, please comment/message me, and I will update the collection. Thank you.
WaynBros One Skyrim Shippuden Lets Play
Collection by Shatero
Für mein lets Play
Skyrim Mods
Collection by NaBROleon BROnaparte
my skyrim for immerssion
Collection by Dragonborne
Hano's Way
Collection by Hanobear
Make sure to download the secondary installation required with Sky UI
Must Have Skyrim Texture Packs
Collection by Lamp
This is a collection of what I feel are must have Skyrim texture mods. It contains both workshop and nexusmods recommendations. I will update the list as I find new mods to add Recommended NexusMods: Enhanced Lights and FX -
Bill's Essential Skyrim Collection.
Collection by BGwatkin
Bill's Essential Skyrim Collection. A collection of my favourite workshops files. Mostly graphics/ ENB mods but theres a few useful items and features thrown in. The mods ive included in this collection for me improve immersion, gameplay and the ov...
The Ginger Almighty's Mods
Collection by Alois Trancy
Just the mods i use
Collection by Mishmash343
m8 mods m8888888
my skrim mods
Collection by thirstyirishmen
this shit be cray
Great Improvements
Collection by Doomsmurf
Many mods that shouldn't conflict that add so much to the game play and experience.
Imperial Legion
Collection by Anwar
This simple collection focuses on "The Fourth Imperial Legion of Skyrim".Those of you out there who think that Skyrim belongs to the Empire, and will fight to the death to keep it out of the hands of some "snoty elf" or "Stormcloak rebel". Well then this ...
The World-Boss Collection
Collection by DarkSpirit
(Francais) Ma collection World-Boss est pour les véritables Boss. Cette collection relie Les Armure Légères ou Lourdes (pour les boss) Armes épiques Montures de Malades Et Créature Horribles. (Englais) My Collection World-Boss is for...
Hypno`s Start Stones
Collection by fluffy™
A group of amazing mods that makes the game`s beginning have a more roleplaying feel without starting assassins off with shrouded armor and a pair of blades of woe and mages with archmage robes and the staff of magnus. (Including several more classes, jus...
More Enemies, More Followers, More Fun
Collection by carstenseng1
This is a set of mods which will add more enemies and allow you to have additional followers. This leads to some excellent group vs. group fights for some intense action.
DerAlleinTiger's Item Mods
Collection by DerAlleinTiger
This is a collection of all my item mods. They're all just re-stat-ed items and most are armor. Whenever I make a mod like this, I keep the original item intact and without any modifications. So you don't need to worry about compatibility issues or mes...
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