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Modded Skyrim
Collection by: WHILE True
for shits and giggles
Collection by: Spookj
if you want a serious experience avoid this pack.
skyrim collect
Collection by: Steelix
my mods
Collection by: snake604
these are mods i use
【Sounds of Skyrim】Mod
Collection by: Chenzs108
【上古卷轴5:天际】的声音效果加强Mod【Sounds of Skyrim】合集。
Skyrim musthave list
Collection by: Gosha
that list is just for me, get the hell out of here
SMM's Revamps
Collection by: twastehsquirrel
I am no longer modding and as such all these mods are as-is, without a chance for update or bug fixes. RL has taken me off the grid as far as modding goes, I'm sorry to all affected. __________ All the 'Revamp' Mods by Symphmetalmarine
Graphical Shits of Skyrim
Collection by: Vantro
It's kinda.... .... ... GRAPHICAL SHIT!..
Beast Forms
Collection by: XRuinX
All beast forms i've found, both replacers and non-replacers. Meaning dont downloaad them all or theyll contridict!
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: [TGun] Manimal
Mods I use when I play
[FINAL] HD Graphickappacollection!
Collection by: Shaw
Final collection of Graphickappas.
Collection by: malihtebaz
Skyrim: Endless perks
Collection by: The Engineer
All perkless mods for Skyrim. For the last mod you need to have the DLC Dawnguard. (It is recomended to have all DLC's) Brought toyou by The Engineer. All mods are from Serv3. (I am sorry for the landscape picture, steam doesn't ...
Divers Mods Utiles et interessants...
Collection by: Hastur Nyogtha
Collection by: PappapiconVik
A few essentials for Skyrim. Note that SkyUI requires SKSE to run.
mods for sis
Collection by: Fr3nchy
A collection of mods I'm collecting for my sibling. move along her pc isn't the greatest, so this attempts to inlcude mods that affect gameplay rather than graphics quality. hopefully these mods work together, dunno.
Collection by: NIC370SW337Y0U
Got ballz?!
me only
Collection by: JamesW
Collection by: pizzamouse45
to increase skyrims playablity
gun mod
Collection by: stryker
mad arme a feu
Lord Of The RIngs
Collection by: trav1504
Lots of Lord Of The Rings mods.
Skyrim Immersion Pack
Collection by: Realm
Immersive Skyrim pack that does the job without a HUGE loss in performance, and still keep that same old vanilla feel. Some minor tweaks to gameplay, but mostly tweaks to looks, feels, and character creation.
Skyrim Colection: Best Around
Collection by: Roland Starr
Awesome Content That People need!
Perfect Skyrim
Collection by: 9a3iqa
This is a collection of the best 50 mods that are GUARANTEED to drastically improve Skyrim and turn it into what it should have been. This collection is based on research for mods which would fix and improve the game. These mods improve everything fro...
Dat Collection
Collection by: Anal Taco
This collection is for the gamer with a meh pc. These mods will not cause massive frame loss and keep you happy with your Elder Scrolls Experience. They will range from awesome armor mods to sexy houses. This is really not for people with $ 2000 + pcs's, ...
Shaun's skyrim
Collection by: BCS
All my Workshop mods subscribed to
Homes of Skyrim
Collection by: Skyrimnut
Just a collection of homes that I especially enjoyed using during my many hours of gameplay. I'm a bit of a home nut, and have had most of these homes in one game. Yikes! I just like them. They are very nicely done. Also in this collection are some ex...
Mod List for Enhanced Play
Collection by: Cynthe
This is a list of the mods I use for my own tracking purposes. I mostly use enhancing mods for both beauty and small gameplay addons. Mods from the Nexus: The Choise is Yours - Fewer Forced Quests Sell Unu...
Soren's Follower Pack
Collection by: SilentSoren
Just a large selection of followers to journey with and the Amazing Tweaks mod which allows you to travel with multiple followers and customize them as you see fit.
Upgrading Riverwood
Collection by: JaJaSphinx
I love Riverwood, It's my favourite town. These mods slightly improve the building/upgrade existing buildings. It was quite hard to find mods that did not intefere with each other and im pretty sure there are no conflicts. All of the mods are balanced wit...
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