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Skooma-babies skyrim collection
Collection by: The Music
just a pack of mods I used all gathered here.
Improvements with low FPS impacting
Collection by: [TCC]Raynan
Some mod with extra history to play its on the Collection Towns and Villages Enhanced/Bigger and Boulders are the heaviest Improves(If u get high drop on FPS uncheck them on the Launcher->Data Files)
Personal Skyrim
Collection by: ShinobiRengogun
This is my own personal collection of mods that make my game more fun. I thank all those who made and supplied the mods.
commentwar's definitive list
Collection by: Meimei
Franivelius' collection
Collection by: Franivelius el mago
This are the mods that I use in order to make Skyrim a better game but without changing or affecting its vanilla gameplay.
Stable Mod Build
Collection by: M0PE
Great Mods Collection
Collection by: Addy
This is a collection of mods that will enhance graphics, gameplay and other general things in Skyrim. All mods run smoothly and without flaw on their own, and as far as I've tested they also run perfectly together (listing compability notes down below). P...
Collection by: trazee27
THese mods enhanse the game only free mods.
Collection by: Awexsa
The Star Gazer's Pack
Collection by: [FL-Ls'U-TVD]PøwerDingø 真
This pack is for all those star gazers who think that Skyrim's sky is boring, plain, unrealistic and all out ugly. This pack will solve all those problems to make Skyrim a more astronomer friendly place! ~ PowerDingo.
Dark Brotherhood Weapons & Armor
Collection by: TrainSimulator
Skyrim Enhanced
Collection by: gta27ita
Dvir01 basic mods pack.
Collection by: Dvir01
Some basic mods.
The Imperial Weapons and Armor Cheat Mod
Collection by: The American GDP
This collection changes all kinds of values for Imperial armor and weapons! LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE!
Miklespalf-Survival and Lore Friendly Dungeon Mods
Collection by: Orc of War
This Collection is made up of the fun mods I use to play this wonderful game.
Steam Exclusive Weapons/Armors
Collection by: Smile n Fire
Mods not found on nexus
black metal \m/
Collection by: boomstick
najfajniejsze i najciekawsze mody,skiny i inne bajery do skyrim
Skyrim Enhancement Pack
Collection by: puNDuKE
Top Visuals and sounds and functionality for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I was careful to not add any mods that would change the core mechanics of the game greatly. Taste the graphics!
Зборка для КАЗУАЛЬНОЙ игры в скайрим
Collection by: Sanick
Вылетать не будет... Честно...
better Skyrim :)
Collection by: Starscream [Ger]
Ein kleines Modpack für Skyrim. Nichts dolles, aber netter anzuschauen :-)
Utilities Collection
Collection by: The Lord Marshal aka Ragnrok
Collection of very useful utilities for skyrim.
Русская коллекция (by NODECH)
Collection by:
Collection by: Guild of Rogue Force Users
Best Graphic Modes(AK)
Collection by: Anakink
skyrim mods: Armor
Collection by: Black Jesus
Look dope
Tools Skyrim Toolbox
Collection by: Mr. Tool
My Toolbox
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: croatoan669
Added Content and Misc
Collection by: ShadowFox36
This is a collection of mods tha add new content, make changes to the map, and other misc. stuff. However i use most of these mods everytime i play so i made this collection for ease of access. Enjoy.
Enhanced Immersion
Collection by: ShadowFox36
A collection of mods that enhance the games immersion by adding affects or altering existing elements.
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Coreyski
These are all my Skyrim mods, at least the ones you would like :)
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