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Housing Skyrim's Wilderness
Collection by daisy
Renovating and adding to the huts, shacks, abandoned houses etc. in Skyrim's wilderness. Giving you a nicer place to stay that isn't infested with spiders and dead bodies. And with companions such goats, chickens, cattle and horse's stables. If you need...
Collection by Spartacus the 2
Collection by lampenlampen
Meine Kollektion
1o4's Mod Pack
Collection by 1o4
Here's a mod pack for people who love the vanilla Skyrim and didnt want to completely change the game too much, But have a better more polished version of the game. Enjoy 1o4
Skrim mods
Collection by Bullet-Tooth Tony
la collection du clan ushiwa
Collection by lacazejonathan
Armor mod collection
Collection by ElPolloLoco
Whiteyzz ultimate fun and make skyrim hard pack!
Collection by Whitie
makes the game look better and harder gameplay
Collection by Ohsnapitsdon
Mods used during my show all should work together as seen on youtube in my videos. Have fun and enjoy ^^ I did not create any of these mods. All the mods in this collection will visually enhance your game as well as make it harder.
The Essentials: Stuff you need
Collection by Fabledhero
Just a short list of the only mods that have made it past the first 10 minutes of use and made a permenant home in my game.
Realistic World
Collection by Layorn
A quick set of visual improvement mods: realistics nature (water, stones and snow); fix towers look and feel: WhiteRun and Riften; add Dovakin's Hideout and some interest artefacts (Dwemer pistol).
mikes game favorites
Collection by mjmdotcom
mods that enhance gameplay without OP, mannequin mod should be disabled before doing the murder quest in windhelm and restared once its finished as it will cause a ctd when entering the house there. other than this I have had no problems running these tog...
Homes & Decorations
Collection by SkyrimFiend
Collection of House Mods and Decoration Mods that I really enjoy
Jamie's Skyrim Mods
Collection by jasamo
Some fun, some graphical, some others - all the mods I've chosen to start my new game of Skyrim with.
SscoootzZ First Collection
Collection by SscoootzZ
> This is the first time I've put together a collection for my own use. > This collection is not put together to meet the needs or wants of any other gamer(s). > This collection is to generally get the feel for using the Steam Workshop at a deeper level...
My personal selection
Collection by luchots•
Personal and recommended selection. No FPS drop, total campatibility. Probably no compatibility with Dawnguard or Heartfire. LORE FRIENDLY - Selección personal y recomendada, no caida de frames y compatibilidad total. Probablemente no haya compatib...
Ariea Stormshoud's Bundle
Collection by Corey and Trevor
What is good and others....
Barlov's Skyrim Modlist ~ Gameplay & Additions
Collection by Barlov Monkiss
(Updated: 14 July 2012) I use NMM, but I'll attach mods I find on Steam > [Ext & Plugs] SKSE: >CFM: >SCU:
Collection by Red_Man
Useful stuff only.
Das was bei mir klappt
Collection by F15T4W4Y
Ich habe das "Lightning during thunder Storms" raus genommen, da ich im spiel nur abstürze bekam.
Complete Skyrim
Collection by MANDELA
All the best Skyrim mods.
My Mods
Collection by satansdik
All of the various mods I am using.
The Crusader
Collection by Conan
True Skyrim
Nature and towns
Collection by <(^_^)> CHICKENCAKE
This mod collection does a bunch of things with towns and nature, want to know more subscribe.
For E
Collection by Oslion
Jamesbaseball12's Collection
Collection by jamesbaseball12
Best Castle in the game
Collection by oudeis0
La collection Skyrim des "Workshopers"!
Collection by opino72
FR : Cette collection regroupe tous les objets et les collections que les membres du groupe Les Workshopers ont puliés sur le Steam Workshop de Skyrim! Le groupe :
90some mods of glory
Collection by Chillermaschine
-NO-DAWNGUARD-COMPATIBILITY-VERSION- For some mods from this collection, you are going to NEED the Skyrim script extender SKSE, located here: For a visual experience I myself enjoyed very much, I advise you to install t...
Creating the Hobbit
Collection by Dragon_Eyes
All of the mods required to create a hobbit.
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