The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Pops' Collection
Collection by: Packening Pt. 2 - The Lazening
Just the collection of mods I usually play with in Skyrim. Not included is the latest version of Skyrim Script Extender, which you do need for a few of these. You can get that here: All credits to Bethesda and the mods' orig...
ChilledHobo Collections: Great and Fun Mods
Collection by: ChilledHobo{^-^}
Skyrim got you down? Or maybe your getting bored of the same Skyrim over and over again? Or you might want a follower to come with you and do stuff? Or you might want a new house to live in? All of these can be answered with this new collection of Mods fo...
Me Likes Theses
Collection by: Artalius
Skyrim World Design Mods
Collection by: Defcon5gaming
We make world mods you add them enjoy! No DLC's required whatsoever. Rate, comment, subscribe. Remember constructive critism always helps us improve but, critism does not.
sword in the stone mods
Collection by: Otter
heres a list of the mods in this collection * one fate mod * three Zelda mods * and the sword in the stone.
Non-intrusive Skyrim Mods
Collection by: WholeLottaChris
A bunch of mods that wouldn't be out of place if Bethesda had released them.
Soul Reaper
Collection by: xander401
Things from bleach
cool armors and wepons
Collection by: BUTTMONKEY S-117
this collection is made of my fav armor and wepons so have fun :)
Ice's Collection of Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Ice
This is my collection of mods that I use for Skyrim. Check them out. I am new to this so if you have any suggestions please let me know.
Magic For Beginners
Collection by: Wolfram
A Collection of mod based around Magic and lore-friendly elements. I give Credit to the mod makers whos mods I have compiled into this collection. I take legal ownership of the mod I created that has been put into this collection.
Feel The Deemize
Collection by: Deemize
All the mods i use, very stable very low key. no flying sweetrolls, no anime pillows.
Flippy Flop's Workshop Items
Collection by: Flippy Flops
Items created by Flippy Flops. Includes Better Companion's Armor and Return of the Amulet of Kings.
Big working mod collection
Collection by: Giapreys
Working mod collection that I use.
Collection by: Hari-Kari Harry
Palle's backup of mods
Collection by: thepallexD
Just the mods i use, including gameplay, texture enhancing and general overhauls Disclaimer: I did not make, nor do i own any of these mods, the credit goes out to all the modmakers
Sweet Traveler
Collection by: [P.P.P] Mr. Marmalade
You What to travel in style??? well here you go enjoy!
Skyrim Overhaul
Collection by: a 12 year old girl
A collection of mods that makes skyrim feel unbelievably different. Includes roughly 70 mods and none will conflict. All credit goes to the creators. About 10% of these mods require SKSE and SKYUI. (You can download SKYUI from this pack but it will only w...
Gumbo's Mighty Collection
Collection by: Tiveran
A collection of mods on both Steam and Skyrim Nexus that a few friends and I like to use. Intended for use with vanilla Skyrim, some DLC compatabilty files may be required alongside the suggested mods. REQUIRES SKSE: ...
Collection by: Starsky-burns
Khajit Kollection
Collection by: The GollyWog
A kollection for playing Kat stealthers
Collection by: Izaac
Collection by: Ropes
The mods I tend to use in skyrim. Pic unrelated
epic collection
Collection by: koax101
Skyrim Atmosphäre+
Collection by: Alfombro
Einfach nur dazu um das Gameplay nicht zu zerstören sondern nur um die Atmosphäre zu verbessern
Most Usable
Collection by: Gizelle
All the mods that work and I like
Amerisun Skyrim
Collection by: Amerisun
Just my collection of Skyrim addons that do not change the game drastically, or enhance or give cheats to weapons or items. But enhances the look and feel of Skyrim and how you use it.
Teksensei's list
Collection by: Teksensei
Just a few mods I use.
Phydeaux's Collection
Collection by: Phydeaux
Graphical and add-on collection (no cheating mods)
Higher Skyrim
Collection by: Tecyho
This mod is meant for a RPG experience (like a lot of other collections) it contains more Backround mods or mods that add more random things in skyrim (encounters)
Wizardly Shibbledibble
Collection by: Not a Wizard
A small collection of mods for a more wizardly experience. I usually use the nexus for most of the things I use, but I felt I'd make a collection here anyway as it's a little more convenient. Sadly, I can't find the Mage Backpack, the Minimalistic Magic ...
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