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Collection by everrodriguez56
Free Rare and Powerful Weapon,Armor, and Pets. Max Item Level is 120.
All Dungeon Defenders Workshop Items
Collection by TheCrzy1
Made this for a Friend.
Bagon's Dungeon Defenders Mod Pack
Collection by [Divinity] Bagon
A bunch of maps i've found amazing to play.
Trendy Friday Fun: 8/31/12
Collection by [TrendyEnt] Love
These are the maps that we will play live on Trendy Friday Fun, 8/31/12. Trendy Friday Fun, every Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. EDT! www.twitch.tv/trendyent
Collection by Not Bob
First Wave
Collection by never
Primeira wave a gente nunca passa...
DD Contest Maps
Collection by The Other Wes
This is just here so you can subscribe to all the contest maps at once
master equip
Collection by Herobrine2025
Return to... Series
Collection by Grahamwise
All various maps and quests from the "Return to.." Series. Great Stuff
Dungeon Defenders Mods
Collection by Snowy
5 Star Maps
Collection by Grahamwise
Best of the best when it comes to Dungeon Defenders Add-On Maps and Quests. Everything here is 100% Add-On Status, and 5 Star rated.
Collection by MeatCircus
Nothing makes this interesting, just a test
Up to EIght (8) Player Maps
Collection by |MoG| MrBarragan
A collection of maps that support up to eight (8) players. Both cooperative and competitive. Please let me know in the comments if there are maps that need to be added to this collection. I can never quite tell if the map supports 8 players by their...
Trendy Creation Contest 1 Mappack
Collection by yes hello, this is kruto
a collection based off of the list of first contest maps found here http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?67437 [link broken] created for the ease and convenience of a subscribe all button!
Official Map Contest 3 Maps
Collection by [TrendyEnt] Love
The maps to view and vote for in the 3rd Map Contest.
fun Items
Collection by Ireland
For Shiva
Collection by Vexus
A collection for Shiva Sixx
The lost oger city
Collection by kareng
This is a collection that gives you a new map and knew weapons it is a cooperative map.On this map you can play survival, hardcore and pure stratagie.This map has 15 rounds on normal and a boos at round 15.
what the
Collection by t_enalee2234
so much maps mods and everything!!
Endurance Mod Series
Collection by Grahamwise
All maps from the Endurance Mod Series
Grahams Mod Collection
Collection by Grahamwise
All maps and mods for things like Mass Exp, Super Loot, Mana Up, etc. Pretty much anything custom for function can be found here
Dongeon Defenders
Collection by idkman555
Dongeon Defenders
DunDef Workshop Stages
Collection by 影狼
The stages from the workshop me and my friends will play.
dd cheat collection
Collection by Craft Knight
all the ones i know to make your game overpoweringly fun
Doctor's Choice for Dungeon Defenders
Collection by DoctorWillSeeYouNow
Having trouble advance to DD? Try these awesome mod in Open mode that help you advance in Rank mode. Use Sarah mod for infinite Mana to full up that test you new weapon get from rank mode. Use Oldone and Gautlent Practice made by Daniel Sound that pre...
For me and my friends.
Collection by Fritsle
This is so i can play with my friends
Collection by IM BATING UH 1000
mistical desert temple
Collection by t_enalee2234
personal collection
Collection by TheOutSider
a selection of my personal taste for me, and my friends, fell free to take a bite
Lovey Love
Collection by JokeLP
Its Lovey and its love
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