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10 tests of the portal gods
Collection by: Hooded runner
prove yourself worthy to the gods
Aperture Lemons - Puzzle Pack One
Collection by: Josef Tomales
These are all levels I made in the Aperture Lemons collection. MAde by: Lweezy Some tests have more than 1 solution.
Some new tests - Einige neue Tests
Collection by: anton95_rct
Hier veröffentliche ich nach und nach meine erstellten Testkammern. Hab Spaß! Here I'll publish all the chambers I made with the new editor. Have Fun!
Revenge of the Turrets
Collection by: [phijkchu]kintama.tar.gz
A set of maps describing the failed attempt of a turret takeover.
The Cake Nazi's Specialties
Collection by: The Cake Nazi
A collection of chambers created by The Cake Nazi.
portal 2
Collection by: Soulsurvivor
portal2 chamber creations
Wrath of The Turret
Collection by: Xx_Carlton_Banks_xX
The evil Turret has taken over the facility and nobod knows what she did to GLaDOS. You Aperature Science test subject: 1337 Must go on and destroy the evil turret in this custom, five part story.
My first set of chambers
Collection by: StephenC
This is my first time of using the in game editor. Also deciding on puzzle layout I didn't have a set plan. They just fell into place as I went for it. Each chamber can be completed with no issue.
Its better to play it together
Collection by: Tobpy
Hier sind die Sometimes theres a secret Levels im Co-Op modus
Fritz's Facilities
Collection by: Wreck
GENRE: ADVENTURE This next test was wired by our very own space-veteran post-doctoral chimpanzee electrician, Fritz. This saved us A LOT of money in reduced crawl space sizing. Fritz first gained fame as one of the first Soviet chimps in space. We hire...
My places!
Collection by: Deadeye
All of my places would take about 20 minutes to 30. I have a few, so have fun!
VVSPB Test Chambers Trio
Collection by: wspb
Three test chambers: Test Chamber 01 - Best Friends Test Chamber 02 - Chess Master Test Chamber 03 - Flying Cubes Made by VVSPB
Puzzletastic Pack
Collection by: Wind
Welcome, test subject! Puzzletastic Pack includes 3 puzzletastic levels/chambers. Two of them are pretty long. Also, please notice that this mappack has a small chance to make you ragequit, so if you do, try again sometime! List of levels/chambers ...
testing room for PortalTwo
Collection by: Menya -VIII-
testing room for PortalTwon by Silenty. Let`s play!)
Zace's Tests
Collection by: Zace333
Test Chambers I made
Collection by: Pear
Decay, a 19-chamber collection of rusted/destroyed test chambers. This was made using the available level editor and Hammer. Made mostly as a test for both editing and my latent mapping skills (?)
Escape 2
Collection by: High Speed Doubbing
Looks like you're back in prison.
Worm Escape
Collection by: IroNMaN
A series where you have to escape a worm that eats you, PS: i had to use this photo for it.
RayPals | Jump for Failure Series
Collection by: RayPals
From the maker of the chaos series brings you RayPals | Jump for failure. with the challenging single play version also theres the Co-op version so you and your bud can be a Epic Fail. also Join RayPals | Unity group on steam!
I'm Different
Collection by: TheThornZ
5 crazy maps that test your skill not your brain.
Wheatley Knows Part 2
Collection by: DALEmuh
Wheatley Knows Part 2
Discombobulating Tests
Collection by: EN3D1X8S7S
Small collection of tests I made a couple months ago. It's got it alll
first steps
Collection by: Kleibärto
my first three test chambers. i had a lot of fun and i hope you will have fun to. the chambers are not to difficult - but chamber 3 can be a little... - arghhhh
Machina Res Judicata
Collection by: Lady Materia
Please I need you to test out the puzzles looking for problems and such - when I see that they are already well tested and fine, I'll place a small icon at their description: ✔ = Already tested and ready to go through ✘ = Needs clean up of glitches ...
Bodegar's Challenges
Collection by: Snorks
I am making this collection just to challange my little brother to think a little bit
My Little Brain
Collection by: the:kiba
Thank you for taking the 5 minutes....
My Tests
Collection by: Jackson
These are the test chambers of my personal effort. Now I have organized them into one little pack.
Baka Files
Collection by: [GFMN] Doctor Quack
Insane Works from Insane Minds of little voices in my head.
My little Portal 4.0 Teil 1: Aller Anfang ist Schwer
Collection by: Fargo
The ninja pack
Collection by: Owl *Solo Queue Challenge*
This pack is my own little tests for all of you. This pack contains: a tutorial (not so good though), 10 tests, a chamber that lets you relax for a bit (Its just a course that pushes you around to the exit, but its fun to watch), a room to mess around in,...
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