Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Easy maps
Collection by: TheModler
two easy maps
Collection by: s0da
A test
Black Laboratories
Collection by: Dr.Bill_Robotnick
Наша Чёрная Лаборатория Будет Лучше Всех! Подпишись На Все наши Тесты Пройди Их и ты МОЖЕШЬ СТАТЬ НАШЕМ ПОМОЩНИКОМ! Подпишись Сейчас!
King Cubey Maps
Collection by: - iAmAhri -
Tishun - Test X
Collection by: .Tishun.
Collection de la salle de Test de Tishun
First Trial
Collection by: Matthew
Not much to describe.
Collection by: foofie99
bit of everything, by GLaDOS
Collection by: Sagonir
Hallo Testsubjekt, Ich habe ein paar Testkammern für dich erstellt wo Du Deine Probleme hattest. Ich freue mich schon! GLaDOS
Collection by: Snollebollekes
These are my Turrest maps :3
Collection by: mrbojie
Portal 2
mi coleccion
Collection by: bigcuyote2
totoko's World
Collection by: runanonamida
portal maps
Collection by: RickyDanni
co-op test
Collection by: ☆Pacifist☭☮[CP₂]
только начал заниматься.....
Portal 2
Collection by: Apple
portal 2
Markia Cooperative Section 121
Collection by: Test Subject #2833
You are both A-BOT and B-BOT of Markia Testing Initiative. You were sopposed to be free until a crazy mad scientist [{ Human Name here }] pressed a button that put you both into Markia Cooperative Section 121 You were originally on Markia Cooperat...
Malfunctioning Chambers
Collection by: timmc94
Sometimes, test chambers are built at Aperture that don't function properly. In those cases, sometimes a person needs to go to the chamber and solve a problem or find an alternate exit strategy.
Fuer Einsteiger
Collection by: automoeller
Dies ist kein "Intelligenztest" sondern zu therapeutischen Zwecken. Oder als Einstieg ohne Ballast.
Test Chambers (Temp)
Collection by: blueyosh64
Collection by: BloatedMonkey
A series of tests, starting easy and becoming progressively harder.
Collection by: AysuDrakon
What I want to play.
a changed view with portals
Collection by: matthew
in this collection i am trying to do things slightly different and sometimes faster paced playing.
My Subscribed Levels
Collection by: Ütsi
These are all the Co-Op maps I have subscribed to so far.
Room Series
Collection by: Blender the Turret
A collection containing all of the 'Room' series chambers. so far it has: 1.0.0 1.3.0
[I see you!] in my little trap series
Collection by: MEDIC!
I, The Friendly Turret, has captured you. You must escape... but how? The Friendly Turret knows less about the room than you...
Portals in propultion
Collection by: The Exploding Panda
A brand new area in the Appeture science labs has recently been discovered, and since atlas and p-body are in the co-op testing, Glados decides to test it on you, bendy
Hiro's Levels
Collection by: Hiroyuki0487
These are just the level's I have made, So I wanted to make a collection for them
Collection by: nintendo.erk
momentum maps
Fun To Solve
Collection by: Cockfoster
Fun Chambers with some tricks to keep you thinking
Collection by: Scott B.
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