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Plorta Test Chambers
Collection by It's0wen
My Collection of hard as buts Plorta Test Chambers (made with Bee Mod)
Play Ball
Collection by _79_OD_
Playing with balls is fun, most of all it helps you escape from those day to day tests and challenges. In these chambers no one will tell you to stop playing with the balls on offer!
Mind Tricks
Collection by The Cake Nazi
A series of test chambers. Simple enough, right? Except, of course, for the turrets, the timers, the lasers, the fizzlers, and, oddly, the lack of use of portals. On the upside, however, you get to see you best friend Companion Cube. Is this real? Or is y...
Small Chapters
Collection by zidkt
not only use your brain but also need patience.
Acies First Mappack
Collection by Acies
My first mappack.
only1 tests
Collection by only1
tests made ​​by an amateur
Collection by יוג ' ין
Начинающие импровизаторы и создатели камер для portal 2. Прошу не судить строго, так как мы только начинаем наш проек WTF.
Bigger Map Series
Collection by Augenblick
These Maps are bigger than the little Maps with more rooms and a bit more challenging, but still easy and fun to play!
Collection by CopperPenguin
My first chambers, just testing things out.
The Alpha Series
Collection by Cube
The Alpha Series is a collection of test chambers for Portal 2. Each designed to cover different testing scenarios, you'll meet all possible foes that Aperture Science can throw at you. Good luck.
the double test test rooms
Collection by tehrcb
i thought "you know one test isn't enough" so I invented (and take all the credit thanks to the nobody I could have metioned but nobody helped me at all <thanks a lot I hate takeing all the glory> ) the double test test rooms (it is not said "double testt...
Mini and Science SP
Collection by minsent
this is my collection of Mini and Science maps that are for singleplayer. enjoy :D
Science + Fun
Collection by Don't Make Lemonade
The plan is a set of easy/medium difficulty maps for singleplayer. Some of the elements that will be used the most are gels and turrets.
Wurzelgnom Singleplayer Missions
Collection by dodo' InfecToM
Singleplayer Wurzelgnom
Test Collection: Gold Eition
Collection by Hellbender228
Chaotic series.
Collection by Rabadapp
The easier it looks... the more difficult it gets. Continue if you have experience in the field of unlogics.
The Pancake is a Lie
Collection by siberian
This is my first steps in creating of map for games. And first pancase no bad... always.
Glitches and Tricks or what?
Collection by FrozenStriker
To solve this test you may or may not use glitches and strange mechanics xP Please rate and faver if you Liked and check out my Coop map thx :D
Collection of my favorate maps
Collection by StephenC
This is a collection of my favorit maps by other users.
The greatest exhibits of all time
Collection by The Unlocked
This Gallery presents the greatest of all of the exhibits in the one and only multiveral greatest museum of all time.
Big puzzle
Collection by KoT-MaTpOcKuH>Lucky man
The Greater locations with ensemble of the brain-twisters. In some places it is necessary be conceived =)
save apreture science the series
Collection by #left4noobs
apreture is in trouble so glados asks you to come back to save it and you decide to go.You cant see whats wrong with apreture but your sure something must be wrong with it so you decide to continue.Find out what happens in chells adventure to save apret...
Collection by iios
Extreme and boring experimental chambers.
Brainy Puzzles
Collection by Goose
Challenging and original maps to wrinkle your brain. Ranging from simple to complex.
Cobalt Evolutions
Collection by iCobalt
Cobalt Evolutions is a collection of 10 maps that will challenge the player, making them think about every move that they do. It may seem easy to start off with, however, as the collection goes on, and more maps are released, the player will be challenged...
Fun-L Fun
Collection by Cow Q L8 or
A collectiion of my two first levels, both mainly dealing with excursion funnels: The first one is a fairly simple but fun level. The second is a challenging puzzle with many complex steps.
Rebuilding Broken Aperture
Collection by TheBdude | Boot Camp
Its amazing what a little cleanup can do to Science.
The CODE collection
Collection by amaury1038
Found the combinations !! Trouvez les combinaisons !!
The Tough Ones
Collection by Jigglypuff
A fun collection of my test chambers "A must play" Doowus123 "Really fun" Fr0zone325
Test levels
Collection by 战神
This folder contains all the intro levels and test levels.
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