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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Jogga Chamber
Collection by: j0gga
Chambers which will give your brain and gaming skills on a test. Some Chambers are just bad... I can't put a smile on everyone.
It Will Never Threaten to Stab You
Collection by: Zooxheth
In this series, the companion cube will accompany you through the testing. This series is split into six parts. Overall, the intention is for each part to be more difficult than the previous one.
Turtle's Trials
Collection by: Jonny | Heroic Turtle™
Random branding image disregard at your peri- er safety. You should totally try these out, I heard they're the best ever.
Collection by: Battle Egg
Test test and test... ps. test som tests!
Bouche Dag's Chambers
Collection by: Bouche Dag.
Basically the chambers I've made, all into one easy to use collection. Thanks to ByB just because. Some maps are inspired by others (like Mevious' great maps). All maps created by me.
Collection by: JP
These puzzles went above and beyond the usual fare, and earned their distinct place in this collection.
Collection by: Frosty Meme Wizard
Top sets
Skill & Mind Tests
Collection by: Felige
These tests encourage you to use skill as well as mind more frequently to solve puzzles and tests.
Elric's Lab
Collection by: EpicElric
A collection of levels created while I was learning how to use the level editor. Some are fun, some are easy, some break. It was all for fun.
Collection by: Dr. Fernando
Thomas' Test Chambers
Collection by: Silas O'Brian
This collection contains all the maps I have done using the portal 2 editor.
All chambers
Collection by: [Evil]Carnivore
All meine bisherigen Testkammern in einer Kollektion.
Collection by: SolumnMushroom
This map series details various features and quirks with BEEMod and Portal 2 in general. I will use most of these concepts, or "Elements", in my future maps, so pay close attention! Enjoy!
Collection by: takoasihaisen
I Saw a Deer
Collection by: OhHeyIt's jacobp98
Enjoy this next test. I'm going to go to the surface. It's a beautiful day out. Yesterday I saw a deer. If you solve this next test, maybe I'll let you ride an elevator all the way up to the break room and tell you about the time I saw a deer again. Ju...
Portal frustration
Collection by: beothorn
A series of frustrating maps.
Sweet Maps
Collection by: Paul 3478
For now, these are recommended single player maps. I will play coop this weekend and maybe add some good ones as I come across them.
aperture science
Collection by: digitalpit
aperture science has new puzzle maps more fun more thinking more adventure more dangerous things and more science
Collection by: Waffle Waifu
FUn SHiz
Portal 2
Collection by: Unknown
Wappleture Sience- Waldis Kammern
Collection by: waldigamerx
Hier kommt meine Wappleture TestKammern-Reihe rein- Viel Spaß
The Test Chambers
Collection by: Plzwork1122
Collections of Test Chambers
Community Maps
Collection by: [-Ugluk-] JemshKing
A compilation of Portal 2 maps I have found in the Community.
kanf zuzweit
Collection by: [SG] Hypernight
es ist gut
first levelset of we0fghs4 levels
Collection by: hawttec
first levelset of my levels
Thayers test chambers
Collection by: Thayer @ LoVeLAN
Here is my collection of test chambers
Portal 2 maps
Collection by: LaryGamer
Its an awesome set of dupy mapys dat i be downoaded fov me potal 2
Collection by: Low Profile
Collection by: MeepMu
Pelles Collection
Collection by: rhaelene
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