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Uncontrolled Laser Fire
Collection by HellHound
This is a series of maps I have made, all of them involve lasers in some way, enjoy!
Two and a Half Thirty in the Morning
Collection by HellHound
Two and a Half Thirty in the Morning is going to be a (Possibly!) very large amount of maps, which all vary in design, elements, size, difficulty, and amount of coffe already made in the coffee machine. It's early in the morning, nobody's at work yet, but...
Collection by Vahmose
Try V.A.H. Three! I bet you can't get it on the first try.
Mock's Lan Maps
Collection by mocklantor
Verschieden Maps mit Portal 2 Editor erstellt und mit Hammer Editor bearbeitet.
La pyramide
Collection by Nomanoclass RyS réouvert
Des pièges, des portails, des cubes(c'est bien ça les cubes) et des pièges(oui c'est très dangereux), après avoir traversé un simple couloir vous atteindrez la pyramide.
Collection by SEANINATOR436
This will rock your world YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be posting more up soon ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aperture testing!
Collection by Neo
Contains custom chambers for testing each different technology, starting with the portal gun.
Easy Tests
Collection by Webber
You create easy test no hard
For you to solve
Collection by flimmer925
Yes it can be solved.
Test trial 1
Collection by Metaknight3000
a homemade collection of portal courses
The Operative Enrichment Program
Collection by H4x Styrofoam
This is a collection of some of my levels. It is ment to be treated as a new Program created to enhance the efficiency of Aperture Operatives. Enjoy!
Collection by Anden
The Dark Room Serie's Collection box.. every new Dark room Map will come automaticly here and it will be much more easy to get the newest maps.. The Dark Room Serie's was made by ''Anden'' The right's are all going to Anden.
ZA1 Ambition
Collection by LOZEMO76
The First
ZA5 Alienation
Collection by LOZEMO76
The House of Pain
Collection by Kkendal
The toughest, deadliest, scariest, puzzle course you will ever come by. All puzzles by Keenan Spencer. Each puzzle should be harder than the next. Enjoy and leave feedback!
Collection by suspicious_god
The Great Escape
Collection by Zitinux
A collection of fun puzzles. "The Great Escape" offers a wide varerity of different obsticles and challenges. Try to find your way out of the testing area.
Smiley's science
Collection by [Noel]Bonbarman
Salut tout le monde, voilà mes premières salles de tests. J'espère que vous aimerez mes 10 salles de tests ;) . Je regarderez de très près vos commentaires et je suis près à modifier mes salles de tests si le besoin en survient. Si vous aimez bi...
The fun pack
Collection by Rocket the Dandiest racoon
Its fun its cool its sort of hard its good it has effort
Joel does Science
Collection by JoelB96
This where I will upload Portal 2 maps that are to do with my series: Joel does Science. Maps will be published as soon as they are ready and will not be done as a schedule. Some maps will be easy; some maps will be hard. I hope you enjoy the series. - Jo...
GlaDOS's future
Collection by Skilleter
Следующие тесты GlaDOS. Дерзайте , но будте осторожны головоломки кругом.
A Great Source of Vitamin C
Collection by Genki
Maps that I create that try to capture a legitament feel in the Portal 2 universe.
Ultrashadic's Portal Basics
Collection by Hal 9000
6 Lessons to the Basics of Portal 2.
Mój Portal/My Portal
Collection by gernalt
The Portal 2 Chambers.
Collection by Albus Swaggledore
For Emre
Collection by Dervish
It's awesome
Tests Needs Testers 011-020
Collection by TheFreak
This is the levels 11 to 20 of my collection.
Test 1a#a Chamber Collection
Collection by Ferisii@Cactus Valley LE
My personal creations of Test Chambers for You! Yes You! Now Listen carefully. Many of these Test Chambers need some proper testing, so why don't you just click that download button and Start Working? For Science! HEADS UP! Diffeculty varies from level...
Halls of the Test
Collection by The Fireborn
These halls have tests that increase in difficulty. Good luck!
Cube Puzzle Set 02
Collection by AlwaysToast
Set of design related cube based puzzles.
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