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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Brain Busters!
Collection by: JP
A collection of tricky, well made, not so tedious, a-ha! feeling puzzles.
Muhaha's Castle
Collection by: Muhaha
fun achievable levels, not too tricky, just what I'm looking for.
Saturday 7 Part 5: Flying Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease
Collection by: nhenrica
Welcome back to the Saturday 7! This fifth part is entitled "Flying Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease" because all but one level have some part were you fly a great distance through the air. Although it won't always be with great ease as you wi...
The Power Of Thinking
Collection by: Dt3c...
These are some experiments, test or games created by myself. The most of my chambers are kinda tricky ( I hope so :P ) but none of them is not solvable or really very hard. There is a companian cube hidden in every chamber I made so far....try to find it...
High Difficulty Maps
Collection by: Xtreger
This collection includes difficult (puzzle-wise) custom maps. Their solutions do not require any advanced skills (for example, the ones used by speed-runners), but are tricky to figure out. Some of them may take several sessions to solve.
Momentum: The Test
Collection by: revrad65
This is a series of Test Chambers that I made which demonstrate advanced Portal momentum techniques. To advance through these levels, you will usually need to find a way to put a little extra "oomph" into that "double fling" of yours. Of course, not all o...
Olympia 2012
Collection by: BöserOnkel
Verschiedene olympische Disziplinen und ihre Interpretation in Portal 2. Several olympic events and their interpretation in Portal 2.
The Slightly Cooperative Tests
Collection by: Lunar
My first batch of cooperative test chambers, all glued together virtually for your enjoyment! Warning: Choose your partner well. Any arguements you may hold with your partner do not hold me responsible for failing a test chamber.
Dual specimen initiative
Collection by: potemkinhr
A new cooperative map series in the old apperture theme. Like with "Scientific collaboration", all tests require extensive use of all four portals, these even more so.
Turret Standoff
Collection by: Ridelle Mystere
The Turret Standoff series is about the battle between mankind and turrets and how YOU put a stop to it! It starts off simple, but then it gets.... Well, not simple.
My personal Best of
Collection by: Wheely
Awesome Tests
Collection by: 7hen!ck
My favorite test chambers. Very interesting and required a lot of brain power...well if you disagree, you must be cleverer than me ;)
Redggynation1's Collection
Collection by: jammin_salmon
Don't download this.
The Ever Expanding Test Pack
Collection by: Think With Portals
a collection of tests made by think with portals This is an open collection meaning i will keep updating it with new tests (that will get harder) until I think its full enough good luck and remember to think with portals
Collection by: had080
Un ensemble de cartes classiques. Saurez vous vous en sortir.
Explicit Simplicity
Collection by: Vanthia
My collection of Testing Chambers. Most will have simple solutions, some may have more difficult ones, but I will put all that I create here, and I'll do my best to make them have a similar interior design. I'll also try to increase the difficulty as I...
Eldefinn's Test Rooms
Collection by: El0
Just trying a few tools
Aurora Facility (Beta)
Collection by: Mewuka Nyamagishi
A sealed off wing of Aperture awaits you. A new computer after GLaDOS shuts down for the last time. Now a prisoner of this new computer you will have to escape. Q:Where is the new computer? A:I am building the test chambers one by one then porting the...
Lemon's co-op chambers
Collection by: Lemonader
It contains every co-op chambers i've created.
Collection by: Russian Pubstar
CREATOR : Angry Cat Maps : 7 Name : Angrychamber Release date : 15.5.2012 (16:22) Difficulty : Normal
twelve angry turrets
Collection by: occullen
a collection of live fire courses for malatary andriods
Toon World, Testing!
Collection by: [FeC] MetalClaw6000
Hello i'm new to the Caves new money plans and who isn't i will be making test that use all your thinking power you have for hard test some times with hard extra tasks such is the test is to dark, to many turrets!!!! (are u still thier?) and such for a fe...
Machines and Automated Switches
Collection by: shitassm
These are just mechanisms and machines that could be used for a variety of functions.
Sports Arena
Collection by: G0LÐÊN §1LVËR
Welcome to Aperture's one and only collection of Sports Arenas! Choose from 4 sports: baseball, basketball, futbol, and American football!
Extreme Rollercoasters
Collection by: The Secret jas
My Rollercoasters
LK firsts
Collection by: Lord Kim
My first series of test chambers. This series is for learning the editor and finding out useful things for future series.
12 Portals of Christmas
Collection by: serogerson
I made these twelve days of christmas themed levels for a friend for Christmas and he encouraged me to make them public. I like 10, 6 and 3, he likes 11, 2 and 1. We both like 12 and neither of us like 4.
turreu's maps
Collection by: turreu
turreu's maps
Collection by: TheUniversalGamer
Here We do Random Things Random levels anything Random!
ACRAZYbox's Test Chambers
Collection by: ACRAZYbox
A collection of all of my test chambers created using the in-game test chamber creator.
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