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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Complexity set
Collection by Yotara
Complexity set of Portal 2 test chambers.
My evil testchambers
Collection by Evilworm
Starting easy, going to be harder and harder for every level. How far can you get? [This collection is going to grow bigger and bigger with every level I make]
~: Sabotage :~
Collection by BRose
Vous vous infiltrez dans le laboratoire d'Aperture et tentez de saboter la creation du nouvel ordinateur diabolique qui controllera tout le batiment... A suivre en plusieurs episodes
For TheUselessMouth
Collection by Ich
testi dla Usele
Collection by Monoxide
Its a bunch of test chambers. i will add more when i make more!
Collection by i'm gonna give him pizdi
Whoa Collection
Collection by Whoa Constrictor
A series of tests desgined by Whoa Constrictor
the story of shit.
Collection by jonaskill555
no idea
Collection by Kαfei
камеры мафак
Collection by Mr. Carrot
наверно интересно
Collection by Abteilungsleiter
> Science isn't about why, it's about why not. <
Turrets & Cubes
Collection by Felix the Fox [No Internet]
All of the tests for my map pack "Turrets & Cubes".
Aperture Science Enrichment Center Meltaway Industries Funded Testing Chambers
Collection by slurjkblohm
Meltaway Industries is proud to take part in testing the Quantum Tunneling Device in partnership with Aperture Science and the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. Please enjoy these easy test chambers, and remember, easy testing for easy results.
A Plethora of Testing
Collection by thejaffinator
Just a few tests that I've put together. Some are quite confusing, some are quite easy. Just give 'em a go!
Ziabl's collection
Collection by Ziabl ‹Зяба›
100 Testchambers
Collection by Zulphyrr
It was inspired by the free app "100 Floors".
[SP] Laser Collection
Collection by Neksus
Hi YES. It´s a collection about lasers. Enjoy. Laser Funnel Laser Bridge Laser Catapult Laser Fizzler Laser Conversion Gel Laser Bridge 2 ★Laser Turret Laser Intro
Sujet 112
Collection by TempArea[FR]
Collection by Maring Song
Test in the test! choice is test!
TcG's SP Maps
Collection by Schwehn
These are my SP maps. I will add new maps regulary. Have fun! :)
Collection by No.13 ShortStop
Testing Track 1
Collection by IronManMark3
This is the first testing track I have made.
The J Testchambers
Collection by JohnyCy
A Series of Testchambers that I made for all of you.
Erste Testreihe
Collection by brahma671
Von leicht bis schwehr...jedenfalls nach meiner Meinung...also für jeden was dabei, hoffe ich!
Collection by deliriumdemens
TeKlaff's Test Chambers
Collection by TeKlaff
TeKlaffs' TestChambers - containing three Maps: TeKlaff's TestChamber01 TeKlaff's TestChamber02 - The trench & the long way down TeKlaff's TestChamber03 - It's too easy, isn't it?
Super Vincent World
Collection by VinceTheDon
This small collection contains all 2 (two!) of my map creations. Awesome, right? Yeahhhh!
Lazer Pack Beginner-Expert
Collection by StrykeNexus
This Pack includes the complete basics of lazers: Beginner Lazerer, Advanced Lazerer, Expert Lazerer So to Speak.
Collection by Ruby
Think about it
Epic Test Chambers
Collection by runwithskizzorss
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