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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The Laser Chambers
Collection by Twin Sunflower
Begin The 15 Chapters Of Pain!
Collection by Andrew Nightroad
Big Science: Test chambers
Collection by Tulio
A collection of my portal 2 single subject chambers.
Collection by DaFlush
Large maps with challanging puzzles. For now only 4 but keep checking back for more!!
Wheatly Laboratories
Collection by 360Penguin
Here is all the test chambers I built for you! Dont redo them nonstop please because I dont fell anything by you doing that.
Kulka's Map Pack
Collection by Kulka
Just collection of tests I have made in default chamber editor. If I'll make anything new, you can be sure it will be added here. Have fun!
There's a portal in my pants
Collection by Captain McPants
My favourite Portal 2 single player test chambers produced by the community. These test chambers were selected on the quality of their design regardless of their difficulty levels or complexity. Remember that complexity is not a measure of challenge or ...
The Best Tests
Collection by loglino
These are my best and most popular tests. Have fun!
DR Extreme Challenge Maps
Collection by Digital Ruler
A collection of maps made by me. These maps are very challenging and not for the beginner.
Top 13 Inovations
Collection by Tipy4
PC gamer's 13 most inovative portal community maps. http://www.pcgamer.com/gallery/portal-2-maps-13-inventive-innovative-community-challenges
Easy Testining
Collection by Adamos44 #Railgun
Its so easy..
Blue's Viewed
Collection by BlueJay
The maps of Portal 2 I have viewed.
Duncan's Science
Collection by ThePandaFuzz
all published duncan does sciences
Collection by MAXEL
portal 2 items
Collection by Chameleon
Portal Techniques 101
Collection by [PoN3]YoshiRulz
A short series of simple maps to illustrate Portal concepts. (dropped project)
Collection by Sulphuric_Glue
It is your task to infiltrate a secret underground base in Saudi Arabia using the futuristic 'Portal' technology. The base is owned by terrorists, and it must be shut down before its army goes into action and the world is thrown into peril. You can access...
Collection by NetCrasher™
Just a whole bunch of tests.
Collection by tuumis
Portal 2 lisäjuttuja
Song test
Collection by Dove
Collection by MBronco
The Gelympic Games
Collection by SP458
Collection by Rctl_Pontificator
lots of itoms/lelves
Automated Detection
Collection by Dr Tornado
All of my maps that fall into the series of Automated Detection, a series of single player, single portal tests. You play the last of the test subjects that were woken up at the end of the co-op mode, and have to do your best to survive the t...
The Masasui series
Collection by Masasui
A series of testing chambers for your entertainment!
Apeture Science Alpha Testing Initiative
Collection by TheNoob
Apeture has recruited you to test things such as light bridges, gravity doo-hickeys, and white capsules of bullets.
custom stories (singleplayer)
Collection by gmax007
Easy Tests
Collection by Mr.̌ ̧S̊wabͫucket̬
All of these tests are easy in my opinion. You may find some that are not easy. Feel free to be trapped in those chambers forever and starve to death. - GLaDOS
Collection by joshfjossie
Fleischrequiem´s maps
Collection by Fleischrequiem
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