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Collection by UbuntuRox104
This collection are remakes, redo's, and original maps. The Enrichment Center has looked over some plans that were built a long time ago. Looking back helped them reconstruct what was lost and moved to the future. This collection is powered by the ...
This is Aperture
Collection by mud one
nein... die Quantität eines Add ons haben sie noch nicht.
Portal 2
Collection by iamcreasy
My Portal 2 Picks
Collection by PrychuRecords
"Sneak skill" is a series of maps consisting of ten episodes, where it counts the perception, reflexes, ability to retract and jumping.
Pack Peak ended maps
Collection by PackSciences
What I've done and which was a success. A real peak.
PackSciences likes
Collection by PackSciences
What I really liked as a French Portal 2 player.
Young Talent Pack
Collection by PackSciences
When there is young talent that needs more likes to progress.
Collection by Mad-bee
Portal Reimagined
Collection by dwilljohnsonp2
Portal Reimagined is just that: a reimagining of the original portal. Designed for added difficulty and enhanced story.
Xavier portal 2
Collection by Fubiki
portal 2
Collection by ~~{ BpG }~~~MicKey
Collection by arh83
Collection by Rctl_Pontificator
Trick or Escape (Complete Collection)
Collection by [CG] SpeedDemon1813
The Ultimate Collection of Chambers That Will Keep You Guessing and Guessing, Want a Challenge that is both FUN and TRICKY, well this Collection is For You, Have Fun and Remember, Play The Game, Don't Let It Play You More Chambers To Come: Part 3 / Pa...
Amazing test
Collection by extrem
RincrizZ Laboratories - Collection
Collection by RincrizZ
The collection of the RincrizZ Laboratories maps, more will be added...eventually. There is no real story or order these maps go in but they are just for fun...and for science, you monsters.
Next Doors Tiger (NDT)'s Test Chambers 1 - 10 (P0RTAL 2)
Collection by Tiger
Well, Well, Well, Well-come to my lair! So, you think that you can take on my test chambers? Bwhahaha You probaly can! But, still in part 1 - 10 of most of my FIRST test chambers you must tackle... - Well err... I've forgotton.... -Cubes! ...
Boot Camp by pupdad
Collection by pupdad
This Is My Map Series Called Boot Camp.
Big Boys
Collection by GhostMonk
The collection of my Big Boy levels.
Wolf Vocies Gaming Mappack
Collection by YNPxGreyxWolf
Collection Of Custom Maps
Collection by Apocalypse Pony
Collection by Martini-LoZ
TOC Division
Collection by ThirdOfClubs
Hello, test subject, and welcome to the TOC Division of Aperture Science's Perpetual Testing Initiative. We here at the TOC Division are proud to say that we aim to give you the most enjoyable, and non-lethal testing experience that the Aperture Scienc...
Max Powerz Puzzles
Collection by Max Powerz
Max Powerz Puzzle Pack, This is my first portal level pack, 5 Chambers Puzzle No.1 "The Pit" - Quick get to the exit. Puzzle No.2 "Portal Commando" - It's time to burn. Puzzle No.3 "The Chamber" - 2 Weighted cubes, 4 Laser cubes, 1 edgeless saft...
Puzzles I forgot to backup and now cannot edit!!
Collection by Jethro Q.Walrustitty
Because I am an idiot, when I needed to reinstall steam and portal 2, I didn't back up any of these puzzles and so now can'#t edit them in the PTI editor. I have saved them on the workshop and in this collection simply so I don't lose them completely, may...
My Collection
Collection by Joshiemon
Kowalski's Map Pack
Collection by Kowalski
A collection with my custom maps.
Test chambers by Mr. Magic
Collection by Mr. Magic
All my test chambers
Top Chambes part 2
Collection by Koobeq
This is Cool :D
Top Chambers part 1
Collection by Koobeq
This is Cool :D
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