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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Puzzles I forgot to backup and now cannot edit!!
Collection by: Jethro Q.Walrustitty
Because I am an idiot, when I needed to reinstall steam and portal 2, I didn't back up any of these puzzles and so now can'#t edit them in the PTI editor. I have saved them on the workshop and in this collection simply so I don't lose them completely, may...
Collection by: batslug
Portal 2 col
Collection by: oscarbayo
Colecion para portal 2
TesCO-Operation series
Collection by: Dr. Hax
The collecton of the TesCO-Operation maps.
12 Angry tests
Collection by: Larthienn
mapki CaretCaret
Boop boop
Collection by: Phill
stuff for thing
Collection by: mmanestar13
Collection by: Ronathan
Cake or Death
Collection by: littlemissfreaky
This is a wonderful (if not crazy) selection of tests designed to test singleplayers. Let the best man/woman/child/grandparent/cat/flying monkey/etc. win!
Collection by: [Onions] ベースの神
My Portal 2 Test Chambers
Collection by: Honeytoes
This collection contains every test chamber I have made for Portal 2.
portal 2 maps for my frenids
Collection by: [SA]Soul12
коллекция, проба
Collection by: Folksy Wig
Collection by: jeremy.llewellyn
Collection by: pauleykr
Collection by: burikiller200
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: Kitten10897
Here i have a collection of cool test chambers i have found on the community. Do not give me the credit for these maps, give credit to the owners.
Collection by: Zicane
My rooms
Collection by: ʛRaven
My Portal 2 maps
the CCOA (the co-oparation courses of awsomenes)
Collection by: jmfpayette
hello and again welcome to the apature siance co-opertive testing inishitive. today you will be testing whith a partner. as a requierd test protocoll i was not allowd to create the following tests because we are testing the unstable INTERDIMENTINAL PORTAL...
Portal 2 maps
Collection by: DildorTheDecent
Course for Sleepy Test Subjects
Collection by: Night
Collection of my random chambers. Red eyes and sleepy mood is required.
William And The Angry Birds Portal Deja vu
Collection by: Soda
My Portal Deja vu
1 Of My Portal 2 Dreams
Collection by: Soda
Its Cool
Awsome Ways To Kill a Turret
Collection by: Soda
Pea Shooter Levels Portal 2
Collection by: Soda
Welcome To The Pea Shooter levels
Shadow's Tests
Collection by: - FGR - Deadly_Shadow
All Of My Tests In One Collection!
My Maps
Collection by: Derp Sauce
All my maps so far :D
Portal 2
Collection by: Unknown 2
Wappleture Sience- Waldis Kammern
Collection by: waldigamerx
Hier kommt meine Wappleture TestKammern-Reihe rein- Viel Spaß
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