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Portal 2 collection
Collection by: Kadam
Darkness Series
Collection by: Baxstar
A unique series that can be both frustrating and easy.
Collection by: Flyenemu
Randome maps
Collection by: Nathanator
really awsome
Cow-orkers en Aperture
Collection by: noquierouser
A veces, a quienes jugamos Portal 2, nos pica un poco el bicho de la creatividad... o el de la curiosidad. O ambos. Es en esas ocasiones donde crees que puedes hacer algo digno de GLaDOS y sientes la imperiosa necesidad de tener sujetos de prueba. O no. ...
Collection by: Tennpa
It`s awesome!
Collection by: jHoon
Portal Collection
The Default Trials
Collection by: Synsilon
This collection is a set of Portal 2 maps that I'm designing called the Default Trials. They are all built inside the default room size, so they're small, but that doesn't mean they're simple. Please rate and comment, I love feedback and hearing what wa...
Collection by: Sigma_97
Just some fun tests to enjoy!
Collection by: MEGA MAN
Tests by.. ME!
Collection by: Pman
Some tests that I made. i hope there fun!
Tonn's Tests
Collection by: tonn4203
All Tonn's Tests
Portal 2 Collection
Collection by: discokrakken
I'm only making this so I can check out Portal 2 mods or something. I don't even fully comprehend what this means. HOW DOES IT WORK
Fun 'n' stuff
Collection by: Thunder
Maps that I've made out of boredom, for fun or for any other reason :)
Collection by: hazardous materials
Collection by: Ailinium
Im Zuge der Entwicklung von GLaDOS ersannen sich die Wisschenschaftler Testkammern um die Leistungsfähikeit der KI testen und verbessern zu koennen. Die Kammern der SX-Reihe waren dazu gedacht die Kooperations- und Problemlösefähigkeit von GLaDOS's KI-...
Salles Lumières
Collection by: Ofufe [BE]
C'est une série de salles coopératives.
Collection by: Zheddian
Portal 2 Psicologia
Collection by: david_gp_1995
awesome maps
Collection by: Meta Knight
This is a collection of my maps, and I hope you like them
Mapas portal 2
Collection by: Serret
Collection by: [Derp7]Proto
Jason and Chris
Collection by: captn_g
Portal 2 collection
Collection by: 〜(≧ω≦〜)≡≡≡= ♪
HR Permutations
Collection by: ktait
Over the summer of 2013 I created a Portal 2 level called HardRiff. In the fall, when I came back to it, I realised it was much too hard and was filled with too much stuff. So I split it conceptually into four levels. These are those levels.
Freya's Chambers
Collection by: LIMITED PIXEL
Zsomi8 Testchambers
Collection by: Zsomi8 [HUN]
I just buyed Portal 2 and I saw there is an option of making own maps. (I only maked singleplayer maps but I gonna make coop maps.) I tried it and I think my maps are not bad, please try them and rate! ( I'm hungarian, magyar vagyok :D )
My Rage Submissions -xzAsiankidzx
Collection by: xzAsiankidzx
My Submissions For Ragegamingvideos Go Check Out His Channel
portal 2
Collection by: MonocleMustacheMan
When Science Goes Wrong
Collection by: Issac Freeman of Sopaland
This is a collection that includes all the When Science Goes Wrong levels And no, theres no zombies sorry l4d fans
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