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Cubes Mashup Collection
Collection by hussarB
Collection of several Portal 2 puzzles. Pick one from several puzzles and have fun! Levels are medium-hard to solve
Collection by tim
portal :)
Collection by kirill.poddelskij
To My Challange
Collection by TheGianpiero106
This have 3 Maps. -To Easy Challange -To Normal Challange -To Hard Challande Have Fun.
Collection by talkeeper
Long Maps
Collection by Kepler
A collection of my own maps that are long. Usually they are not too hard, but they require steady focus and will keep you that way for a good long while...
Bisqwit's coauthored puzzles
Collection by Bisqwit
Puzzles that I have created in collaboration with other puzzle authors.
Einfach aber schön!
Collection by Auftragskiller
Locker gelöst, fast zu einfach.
The Omnitests
Collection by Ungentlemanly Conduct
A series of maps that contain a number of smaller tests for you to solve
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