Portal 2
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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Aperture Laboratories Journal Reboot
Collection by: [B&PA Leader] Salty Pretzels
Me and The Grandmaster are teaming up to reboot my old "Aperture Laboratories Journal" series...I hope you like it!
Lightnings Easy Tests
Collection by: LightningOfDeath
Collection by: alxsam70
Imout's Lab
Collection by: Imout
This is my collection of test chambers ! Some may seem difficult at first or may require several attempts. In most cases, any rash action leads to certain death. The descriptions provide valuable clues ! Be careful where you walk and keep lucidity ...
Light Bridge Tests
Collection by: Crichton Sheep
The tests that include Light Bridges!
Single Player Chambers Collection
Collection by: [N3FS] dyljaymac²³³³ - agaggagga
My Single Player Chambers Collection. I use the creaator more frequently to make single player maps ompared to Co-Op maps
My Co-Op Chambers
Collection by: [N3FS] dyljaymac²³³³ - agaggagga
This is my collection for Portal 2 Co-Op Chambers. At the moment, I don't really use the creater and if I do, I use it for single player chambers so there won't be lots and lots annd lots of chambers in here but I will try to make as many as I can
The Fairsley Difference
Collection by: adawait
The Fairsley Difference: 4 Chambers / The Dillinger - All facts start as dreams dreamt by a wizard. / Ol' Ironsides - Have you ever taken a train and eaten it piece by piece... after you just derailed it with your p@#!s? / The Brat - We have ...
The Great Escape Series
Collection by: Sheazer
Complete these 10 tests and I'll set you free. Fail them and...well....we have plenty of other candidates who would jump at this opportunity.
Querky Charisma
Collection by: DynamicCreatures
Portal singeplayer
Collection by: Der Fleischer
Funny Test :D
Collection by: Frezzer
Things that u dont know and funny test :D
Collection by: Frezzer
Jede Menge Prüfungen :D
Portal Collection
Collection by: DJREMEDY
The fact that it is a collection
Portal 2 Mini-Testing Initiative
Collection by: the8bitMoon
The Mini-Testing Initiative is a set of single-player maps made in the Puzzle Editor. Each map fits within the original size constraints of the blank "New Chamber" template. The puzzles are designed to challenge, but not frustrate the player and to be sol...
The Penguin Extract Chamber Collection
Collection by: Penguin Extract
Some mabye damn near impossible, others as easy as pressing a button... but no matter what theyre all 100% solvable!
The Eight Super Puzzles
Collection by: supersam710
This is a collection of 8 test chambers, each of which focus on a specific testing aspect. I will be releasing them as soon as I am finished with each of them. Once they are all uploaded, I will make them even better with Hammer. Please subscribe and rate...
Aperture Testing Initiative (ATI)
Collection by: Jacomo223
A load of tests that will be played on my youtube channel, Jacomo223.
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