Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: Squirtle
Lame maps made by me
My Favorites
Collection by: ReverendBob
Just a little collection of mine and my sons chambers.
Tests using cool stuff
Collection by: Ace Rimmer
Its all good
Gratings Galore
Collection by: PortablePorcupine
Test Chambers 11-20
Collection by: Sage
The sequel to 1-10.....
Collection by: Tomm
Ein paar Versuche zum Thema "Mach mal selbst"
Pressing Buttons
Collection by: mrol
All you need to do is press the button to open the door. That's basically what the whole game boils down to, isn't it?
cube laser door
Collection by: Janine | Red-FOx
différentes version de la meme map.
In Case of Flooding
Collection by: Purplecat
You are a test subject of the aperture science underwater science enrichment center, but today is not a day for tests, today is a day for escaping! Critical system failure has lead to the aperture man made lake to start leaking into the underwater enrichm...
I test
Collection by: Dazerkill
collection of little test with different gameplay [need BEE mod]
G.S.E. Laboratories Testingchamber
Collection by: BruineSnor
G.S.E. Laboratories Testingchamber - S001 G.S.E. Laboratories is one of the most common Testingchamber design laboratories, they are making Testingchambers since 1969. The S serie is a very fun and challenging Testingchamber. Designer, Jay1137
security chambers
Collection by: alens11223
security levels gets harder and i think theres a boss at the end so beware at the boss the turrets defend the boss >:D get ready portal 2 users
Collection by: No.
My new way is the better way
Камеры для двоих
Collection by: kuzЯ
Мой первый опыт в создании камер для двух игроков.
Alex & Sam's Test's
Collection by: samuellott
Tests that me & Alex made.
Portal 2 Maps: Singleplayer
Collection by: EnjoyablePerson
These are downloaded Portal 2 maps.
GLaDOS' Abandoned Testing Track
Collection by: SkeletoCoolLP
The Original Chambers from Portal 1, made with help from the mod 'BEEMod'
Mega's leichte Testkammern
Collection by: Megablackhand
Eine Kollektion die einige Testkammern für Anfänger enthält! Der Schwierigkeitsgrad steigt dabei immer ein bisschen! Von leichten Rätseln, über Läserpuzzels bishin zum einsatz der Gele ist alles vorhanden! ---------------------------------------...
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