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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Moss Creations
Collection by: Moss
Collection by: maxalbali
Super Puzzle Extreme Challenge - Untranslatable Mystery
Collection by: Crichton
Ayoto Corporation is proud to present, Super Puzzle Extreme Challenge - Untranslatable Mystery. Deep in the confines of the Secret Division of Advanced Engineering lab, Ayoto Scientist have been working on what they call the evolution of Japanse televisio...
Aperture Science Advanced Repulsion Gel Test Chamber
Collection by: NeoRetro10K
This collection contains a Repulsion Gel test and its Challenge Map counterpart.
4x4 Revolution
Collection by: Jsushi
THIS is the 4x4 Revolution. Each map consists of four chambers. Each chamber is 4x4 in size. You think it's not enough space to put a test in? We'll see.
Collection by: Magnon | Mainfrezzer
Magnon Chambers
Vapour Waterhandle 1
Collection by: Mr Vapour Waterhandle
A map pack with a few of what I consider my best maps. You can click on each for screenshots. The order in which they appear here is my recommended order to play them. Why should you play them over the thousands of other maps? Because they're unique, a...
What is this
Collection by: GUULTY
Collection by: Razbool
Enigmatique puzzles a 2 ! 2 x plus de chances de pas mourir ! Quoi que...
Collection by: nΞqq_ɥǝıʌsʞɔǝɹp
Familiarization with the Aperture Science Super Idiot Separation Tests (ASSIST)
Collection by: EN3D1X8S7S
Tests with things in it.
The Split-Up Co-Op
Collection by: DragonX
One person goes left. One person goes right. Work together while apart in this collection of portal maps.
Devias Lancer Labs Testing Rooms
Collection by: G͜҉̶̀͡l̨҉̕i̵t͢҉͢c̨̕h̶͜͟͝
Hello, and welcome to the Devias Lancer Testing Facility, built in 2063 for the purpose of testing acrobatic balancing on window panes, also known as "walking the fence". Our facility was closed when we had told Aperture Laboratories about the fence-walki...
Metal Gear Solid - Tactical Turret Espionage Action
Collection by: Vagrant
WIP of my test chambers that were ported from Metal Gear Solid into Portal 2. In overall, the test chambers are supposed to ressemble the MGS' map layout with some Portal puzzle solving flavor. I'm not sure how I'll make this all possible, but I'll work 1...
Y A + K
Collection by: Razbool
Salut ! Je vous propose une cinquantaine d'épreuves et d'enigmes , allant du niveau 4 au 9 . Mais dans le desordre ... Alors si vous avez aimé c'est s'épreuves et / ou que vous avez la patience de les classer ... Une petite note ou une remarque et tou...
Epic's Bathrooms
Collection by: Elvee
We all know even the greatest of men have to use the bathroom one time or another, but who says their epicness stops there? Come tour the greats bathrooms~ (Warning: Some may die in attempt to see bathrooms.)
Prettiest Maps I've Found
Collection by: KennKong
Sometimes you just want to stop and smell the flowers.
xipo n foxxy
Collection by: XmasPotec
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