Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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E-Squad Co-Op Portal Labs
Collection by: HAIL HYDRA!
The E-Squad Co-Op Labs
Mark's Favorite P2 (Portal 2) Stuff
Collection by: Crichton Sheep
Britorsk Test Chambers
Collection by: Britorsk
This is the test chambers i made.
Portal 2
Collection by: SuslikGT
The Series.
Collection by: Santa's Little Pyro
Get yourself acquainted to the style of the test chambers in 'The First', then take a friend with you as you navigate your way through the several chambers, break your partner out of hiding and escape the chambers. Good luck.
P2 Collection
Collection by: thewildhaggis
Maps I Like
Collection by: Tyler
Caleb's TestChambers
Collection by: kingcalebzzz
I have created these maps
void cantina
Collection by: slashpizza
thejoshwolfe's experimental puzzles
Collection by: thejoshwolfe
I like to push the limit of this physics engine. These puzzles might not be fun... at all... they might be interesting though.
Crazy's Deathrun Maps
Collection by: { 2C4U}♫Stupid♥Gunman¿?
My dr maps!
Test Chambers Pack #1
Collection by: stealthcut32
A pack of tests.
Collection by: [WaffleZ] CD36
My Singleplayer Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: [WaffleZ] CD36
My Multiplayer Tests
Quat's Bhop
Collection by: quaternary
My bhop / skill maps. Just cuz.
Quat's best
Collection by: quaternary
My best test chambers. Yes, that is a photo of my cat in the thumbnail.
103's Chambers
Collection by: Villager103
A series made in PETI, No Hammer maps or anything fancy. BEE2 mod used.
GMOD Sanbox private #1
Collection by: DerModMaster
Alpha's Portal 2 Test Chambers
Collection by: AlphaKiller007
A... simple portal 2 puzzle collection!
Aurora's Portal Levels
Collection by: Aurora3500
A Collection of several Portal Levels I've created. "Lvl 2" means that it is a harder version of the level of the same name, lvl 3 will be even harder when I create one.
InfiniteMonkey's Quick Chambers
Collection by: InfiniteMonkey
All of my Quick Chambers in one! The first few are quick, but the later ones... might not live up to the "quick" part of their name. Enjoy!
Trifecta 1
Collection by: Rystein
Haikus will give hints. Trifecta has 3 chambers. Have some fun and solve.
E-Squad Labs: The Tower Series
Collection by: HAIL HYDRA!
This is all The E-Squad Tower Labs put into 1 Collection ============================================================================= Story: You have been Arrested by Aperture by giving Portal Infomation to Black Mesa a Rival of Aperture Science. Y...
The leftovers of a confused mind.
Collection by: Leiche
Just a set of singleplayer levels I made using the ingame editor.
Turret Killer
Collection by: _(!CyanGamer!)_
They Are Turret Killers From Me #TurretKillerRoom
Phoinx's Basic Advanced Initiation Tests (BAITs)
Collection by: Phoinx
Phoinx's Basic Advanced Initiation Tests (BAITs) are designed for introducing test subjects into the marvelous world of tests. They are very basic, but not that much - that's why they are called "advanced". For its redundancy and absurd puzzles, all B...
Forgotten Test Chambers
Collection by: WolfBladeWarrior
These are tests that I made in the BEE2 and TSPENS ADDONS MOD. Each of them with the overgrown textures. Theres 7 tests in all progessivly getting harder as it goes. The tests 1 and 2 are both blue portals. Tests 3 and 7 are blue and orange portals. ...
Random Elements
Collection by: Shinval
Using various methods... I create "Portal Machines" driven by the random bouncing of balls (or cubes, or whathaveyou). These are fairly fun to just sit back and watch working, but... I hope you will play the "games" that they create too and enjoy the ...
Aperture Back Labs
Collection by: 7890doom123456
During your adventure,you go by unused tests.We gathered the best that didnt get smashed by Wheatly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (CHAPTER 1) MAPS: Aper...
workshop games
Collection by: cleeds
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