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Pro Patria Portals
Collection by TwentyFiveAlpha
My favorite homebrew Portal maps.
KK Chambers
Collection by Kevlar
A collection of thinking puzzles.
Theraputic Arts
Collection by Aperture Laboratories
Hi there! This is collection of "art therapy" singleplayer maps built for your pleasure. The puzzles will increase in difficulty and complextity as each map is completed (hopefully!). Have fun, and don't forget to rate!
Collection by Samyu L. Johnson
Collection by jfarrell50
Trust & Traps
Collection by Salariel
A set of five puzzles, rated from medium to hard, with a bunch of traps. Feel free to comment and give me your impressions so I can make best puzzles in the future. Enjoy !
Collection by Ditox
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by Phantom Hunter
Collection by FElIX
geiler shit
Portal 2 Level - Eigene & Favoriten
Collection by fbMarcel
Level die ich selbst erstellt habe oder Level von anderen Spielern die ich mal spielen will.
Collection by Andrew Nightroad
Collection by Stuntmanmyke
Xenik's Lab
Collection by Xenik
The maps I make
Collection by lanmei1575157215
attack of the turrets
Collection by samuellott
battel all and destroy all the turrets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A 2 part series
Collection by Sejong
A simple 2 part series of test chambers. They're my first, so sorry if they're bad.
The Laser Chambers
Collection by Twin Sunflower
Begin The 15 Chapters Of Pain!
Tricky, Long Puzzles
Collection by AppleJon312
These puzzles are my puzzles that I (and the community) decide are fairly difficult and usually take over 5-10 minutes to solve on your first play-through.
Meine Kollektion
Collection by kevinbergmann15
Meine Kammern
da sexy portal series
Collection by ItzPyroHere | Heavy Metal Bro.
this is the first eva collection by me so be nice
The Sphere Cannon
Collection by Turret Cube
Killer39800's Portal 2 Co-op Collection
Collection by K398
This is a group of my Co-Op tests All of the current tests have a guide: www.youtube.com/Killer39800
Hardest maps
Collection by sarnamat
Prismatic Puzzles
Collection by Prism
Collection of my first Portal 2 Maps
Warthog's Laser Chambers
Collection by Warthog Algebra
Warthog's Laser Chamber is my third series of tests. These tests are single room chambers that use lasers and it's components such as reflector cubes and laser catchers. Other testing items not related to lasers will be used at little as possible if not...
Carbo's Portal 2 Collection
Collection by JoeyCarbo
Top rated SP and Co-op maps.
Portal 2 Coop Maps
Collection by Pipow
A Beautiful Lie
Collection by Bleamehuaba
The "A Beautiful Lie-Collection" incluedes 5 maps with one laser or more. Have much FUN :D
derpy's collection of stuff
Collection by Maulwolf
i dont know how to but ima brony if need to know and i just felt like making a collection sooooo ya
Mind Re-Boot [Full Series]
Collection by Dvaputin
A map series for Portal 2! Not too much story, GLaDOS is just cleaning stuff after Wheatley. Throught the whole series you encounter few unusual things, such as rotated chambers, floating cubes, fake exits, ETC. All the maps are done in the PTI Level...
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