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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Complexity CO-OP Chamber Series
Collection by: Bobafettkickbut
If you wanted complex chambers, you came to the right place. Complexity is designed to be one of the most complex series of coop chambers that i can possibly create, just for those who think other chambers are just too easy for them. If you dont like cham...
12 Angry Tests
Collection by: Vantaj
Collection by: Squrrly™
All The CUBE maps
Collection by: nyccannonfodder
Still figuring out how to do this.
Companion cube series
Collection by: Laetificat
Every map of the companion cube series can only be solved with the help of the companion cube. You don't have to play the maps in a special order. More maps for this series are in the works. Currently there's no coop planned. Have fun playing and...
Minha coleção de mapas criados para Workshop.
Collection by: Spooh
Nesta coleção , estarei disponibilizando os meus mapas como Co-op e SinglePlayer ( Em todas as descrições estara escrito se o mapa é feito para o SinglePlayer ou Co-op para deixar mais facil. )
Portal AddOns
Collection by: onlyrotary1989
My Test Chambers
Collection by: brian.e.potts
This is my test chamber collection
How many cubes you'll need?
Collection by: oitoDOIS
A collection of my first maps :)
Project GLaDOS 2
Collection by: Casey Tyler
Ensemble de salle de test diverses et variée
Portal 2 Tests
Collection by: Aperture Laboratories
'Official' Aperture Tests!
Simple, Just got hard
Collection by: PortalStorm4000
A bunch of tests that become harder after solving the easy part. (Not Complete)
The Final Test Pack
Collection by: The Blu Gamer
This will be all four of my Final tests all in one pack.
All of the Portal 2 Maps I Have
Collection by: The Blu Gamer
Just like my Gmod collection, I don't own any of this maps
Blu Gamer's Portal 2 Map Pack(mp)
Collection by: The Blu Gamer
This is the multi-player ver of the other pack.
Blu Gamer's Portal 2 Map Pack(sp)
Collection by: The Blu Gamer
Its all the sp maps I made in one map pack
Collection by: Berger
The Discarded Chambers
Collection by: jomanjosh
The Discarded Chambers were rejected by GLaDOS because of the very small percentage who succeeded. They were just recently discovered and have been refurbished for testing. Difficulty: Hard
Die will ich noch!
Collection by: Charly T. Fox
Collection by: Finn
A series of coop maps, focussing on the team experience and large epic sceneries.
How to Stump 2 Robots
Collection by: Rokuma
Collected works of "How to Stump 2 Robots" by daveyvandy
Dark_Art Official Portal 2 Puzzle Selection (DOPPS)
Collection by: [DarkArt] Ace
A map pack created by the DarkArt group, a collab YouTube channel. Search DarkArts Ace for Ace's channel and DarkArts - Art, Gaming and more for the main channel, also Tricksters channel. Hope you enjoy, for science! :D
Collection by: [HoB] pggdragon
This Whole Collection Is Of The Catacombs Series. It Starts Of When Cave Johnson Sends You To The Deep Areas Of Aperture. Your Goal Though Is To Escape. You Will Have To Face Many Tasks Of Your Skill To Escape But In The End It Will Pay Off.
The Ultimate Test
Collection by: SpongeBOZZ GunSHOT
2 Maps still in progress and have FUN ! ! !
Collection by: pheyze
Коллекция - "Природы порталов"
Collection by: SvYaToGoR
Коллекция - "Природы порталов" Включает в себя все мои тестовые камеры
arrons portal
Collection by: arron_uk
my dl
Big Empty Room
Collection by: RexTheCapt
Big Empty Room
Rescue Franken Cube Level Package
Collection by: SomeRandomGuyOnline
Those turrets kidnapped your best friend, Franken Cube, now it's time to go after him. All the "Rescue Franken Cube" levels in one package for you to play. Enjoy this sort of epic story easily. So, yeah. Are you gonna do it? Unless, you don't want to. Tha...
Portal Shit
Collection by: Mjay229
Shity maps JK
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