Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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How to Stump 2 Robots
Collection by: Rokuma
Collected works of "How to Stump 2 Robots" by daveyvandy
Collection by: [HoB] pggdragon
This Whole Collection Is Of The Catacombs Series. It Starts Of When Cave Johnson Sends You To The Deep Areas Of Aperture. Your Goal Though Is To Escape. You Will Have To Face Many Tasks Of Your Skill To Escape But In The End It Will Pay Off.
The Ultimate Test
Collection by: SpongeBOZZ GunSHOT
2 Maps still in progress and have FUN ! ! !
Collection by: pheyze
Project GLaDOS 2
Collection by: Casey Tyler
Ensemble de salle de test diverses et variée
Rescue Franken Cube Level Package
Collection by: SomeRandomGuyOnline
Those turrets kidnapped your best friend, Franken Cube, now it's time to go after him. All the "Rescue Franken Cube" levels in one package for you to play. Enjoy this sort of epic story easily. So, yeah. Are you gonna do it? Unless, you don't want to. Tha...
Portal 2 Tests
Collection by: Aperture Laboratories
'Official' Aperture Tests!
Portal Shit
Collection by: Mjay229
Shity maps JK
Walker Laboratories
Collection by: Peace Walker
We are very happy and glad to introduce new testing initiative for our dear test subjects. Those chambers were made by Peace Walker Group with association of Aperture Laboratories. Testing initiative contains a lot of Aperture Science innovations created ...
great portal 2 levels
Collection by: jota87r
great community made portal 2 levels
Portal custom maps
Collection by: newdev4ios
Levels i made for Portal
Collection by: Squrrly™
All The CUBE maps
Collection by: [OW] Tiberius
Collection of my created Portal maps of varying difficulty
Collection by: Txomas
Collection by: venomweb99
TEST PROTOCOL by venomweb99
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: GH0ZTgamer
This is a collection of all the Portal 2 maps I've made.
Collection by: ivandrey
Portal 2
Collection by: blyzr
Collection by: bigbanannabro
it is there
Portal 2
Collection by: Alemetalsio
Vakoru FEG
Collection by: Sir Apple Martini
Voids Chambers
Collection by: chris (void)
A collection of maps I made. Will add new maps every now and then. Hope you enjoy playing.
The Stockpiled Test rooms
Collection by: thegreatjigglypuff
map débuten
Collection by: destineearceus FR
une pettite collection trés facile pour les débutants a portal 2
P2 Race Maps
Collection by: Diewer
Portal 2 race maps
My Maps
Collection by: KekzKlauer ヽ( ≧ω≦)ノ
My maps are really funny :)
anexos de Aperture Science
Collection by: SquallPPF
Aquí se encuentran distintas cámaras ocultas de pruebas inéditas en el juego.
Mess Hall
Collection by: Endangered CDs cannot play...
Looking for a new set of puzzles to run through? This should help solve your problem here! Don't say that I didn't warn you: becasue these tests aren't necessarily a walk in the park. Tread through the tough chambers with caution.
GLaDoS Returns
Collection by: Wheatley Laberatories
GLaDoS has taken over the facility once again and is forcing you to test can you survive ? ps: when you enter the test chambers and cave johnson talks PoTatOS' lines play
Heia Portal 2 Collection
Collection by: Heia Samahi
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