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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Beaver's Chambers
Collection by anangrybeaver
My chambers that stretch yor ability to think with you portals than ever before.
Advanced Companion Retrieval
Collection by simoncrown
A set of advanced chambers to put together some of the neat things I've learned through the Portal community.
Mini Chambers
Collection by Zhayd
A series of chambers that don't exceed 3x3x3 in size.
Rocket levels
Collection by EBhero
Hello everybody! I create a collection of levels using: rockets! How to got the rocket launcher: 1. Go in the develloper console 2. Make the command: sv_cheats 1 3. Make the command: bind c fire_rocket_projectile Now, when you gonna press c, y...
Portal 2
Collection by ccosgrove65
Tier 3: Canpain
Collection by Maxx Walkering
You are a Test Subject named Kat that is the primary lab rat of the SinDOS. SinDOS was put in charge of aperture to do the work of others. Such as Wacthing test subjects, working on new projects for scinece, and keep Aperture Science running for a LONG ti...
minigames for coop and single player
Collection by Rosden Shadow
a collection of fun mini games for either coop or single player
Excellent Puzzle Levels
Collection by Parchment Scroll
Some have stories, some don't. Most were made in Hammer, but that's not necessarily what makes these levels shine. What all these custom levels have in common is that they have SUPER excellent puzzles in them. Super. Excellent. Puzzles.
Test Campaign 1
Collection by Armin Arlert
Epic Maps!
Collection by Maxx Walkering
Fun maps for me and/or my friends
Think Outside the Box
Collection by Mr. X
This is a collection of my maps which contain one or more solutions that use the pre-existing Portal 2 objects in ways that aren't seen quite so often and certainly not in the main game. Thus, some creative thinking should be needed to solve them. In ...
tehsux0r's chambers
Collection by tehsux0r
This is a collection of all my exploits in the Aperture Science Perpetual Testing Initiative. Please play, have fun, and rate!
Collection by yuya
My Test Room Package.
fun maps
Collection by yellow gibus guy
play fun maps
Collection by ricardo.amadera
fase 1
No Time To Think - All Chambers
Collection by Nightvoid41
No Time To Think is a collection of maps that were made especially to test your reaction.
Der Begleiter
Collection by micky_schwarz
Allen Testern viel Spass #BEEmod #StyleChanger
Portal 2 Custom Test Chambers
Collection by Druark
This is a collection of all my Portal 2 Test Chambers I have created using the ingame editor, remember any and all comments are welcome as long as their constructive and not just "argh this sucks" or something similar, make your comments helpful for me to...
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