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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: Tsunamills
Jailbreak Final
Collection by: akruchkow
Franky and I aren't like the other cubes... ...we have to get out of here.
Collection by: MechUnit5
10 level game made for Level Design with Prof. Lee Sheldon
The Final Crusade
Collection by: Elynwir
In The Final Crusade, you take on the role of a dying crusader whose soul has entered Limbo. There, you must solve the puzzles of your soul and make your way to heaven.
Coop - Maps
Collection by: Nakalian
Friends with Portal 2
Map and Try
Collection by: Mrdaft
Map and Try Collection.
Aperture Forgotten
Collection by: Department of Redundancy Dept.
Collection for testing the beta
Level Design Final
Collection by: rebelphoenix17
Level Design Final
The Chambers the Complete Collection!
Collection by: CryMeARiver
This is the complete collection of The Chambers maps! I will add each new chamber to this collection! (01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10)
The Hidden Chambers
Collection by: xXxXx_MLG$4N1C420_xXxXx
This is a collection of the Hidden Chambers Maps made by me. Image was took from the Space Core Skyrim Mod because I do not have a image to use for this collection if you want to make one by all means. (Please message me if you want to make one out of the...
My maps
Collection by: Sir Mikkel
Some of these puzzles may be hazardous to your health.
Tristan Tonning's Test Equipment
Collection by: tristantonning
Collection by: Blue Ninja
You've awoken in an elevator. You have a wierd gun. What comes next? An escape...
PowerBlast!'s Robot Enrichment Centre
Collection by: [I.S] Happy Day
Hi guys! This is my another Enrichment Centre! Not for Bendy (Singleplayer Character), but Atlas & P-Body! In this centre, you will learn "What is TRUST?", "What is MASS AND VELOCITY?" and more! The Test Chamber Generator will add more tests in the future...
Portal 2 Mods
Collection by: Piegut1
Collection by: Alantalan
maps LOL
Easy Chambers Coop.
Collection by: Kayzeer
This pack of chambers is too easy and funny playing with friends
My co-op tests
Collection by: jmarshal
My 1st co-op tests
My Portal 2 collection
Collection by: firestorm348
This collection contans map with differnt styles from BEE 2.
Collection by: Mannulus
T.E.A.R. (Transdimensional Engineering and Rescue) is a missionary agency that travels from dimension to dimension helping the less fortunate. This group of levels follows a T.E.A.R. agent on the first chapter of his journey as he answers a distress sig...
Collection by: Myles
This is a collection of all the MylesLabs chambers, however some of the current chambers are being redesigned...
Collection by: cloutier116
10 level game about emotions
Portal 2: Coleções de Mapas
Collection by: Siewy
The Tests of Teamwork
Collection by: danacan
All of the levels from my "Tests of Teamwork" series.
Hard Portal 2 SP maps
Collection by: m2i2c
These are some of the hardest Portal 2 Single Player maps I've completed so far. Some are hard to think, some hard to play.
question man6's Big Fat Collection of Chambers!
Collection by: question man6
My very first big fat collection! If you have any problems or complaints on a chamber, please state them in the specific chamber you have them with. All comments are welcome, whether they are positive, negative, insulting, or plain stupid. Thinking wit...
Portal Physics
Collection by: memoryloop
Puzzles created by the GSC Portal Phyics class.
Collection by: WHIPPAH
lad z
dat collection thod
Collection by: progowl18
Cam's Challenges
Collection by: Moosedawg
A series of challenges designed to driive Cam up a tree. Feel free to climb up!
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