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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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ZA4 Expectation
Collection by LOZEMO76
ZA3 Dillema
Collection by LOZEMO76
ZA2 Endurance
Collection by LOZEMO76
Refer To First
ZA1 Ambition
Collection by LOZEMO76
The First
12Tests About Zen
Collection by Imaginator
12Tests about Zen is where meditation meets science. Challenge yourself in 12 one-room mind-teasers. This is the intended play order: 1 - Quadrants - There are four of them. 2 - Glass - If you climb over it, you can see what's on the other side...
Portal 2: Alletz's Test Chambers Collection
Collection by Alletz
The Complete Alletz's Test Chambers Collection
GekkoTek Testing Initiative
Collection by MrTheCheesecaker
LorddooH's AperturE
Collection by I'm stupide turret
Aperture Science -The new Testing Core
Collection by Soundstorm
Glados is in standby for a hardware service and the new alternativ KI Core is online. Continuing testing, science is important! SYSTEM CRASH: PLEASE READ THE HEX LOG FILE: 46 6f 75 6e 64 20 47 6c 61 64 6f 73 20 43 6f 72 65 20 44 41 54 41 42 41 53 4...
basic, easy, and fun chambers
Collection by Moneyman56
just a couple basic, easy, and fun test chambers
Portal Test Chamber Creators
Collection by stillMTNDEWfan
please submit and play portal 2 maps
Collection by microtjezz
mappen gemaakt door 9lives-community leden maps that are mad by 9lives-community members
Maps Andew
Collection by Холестерин
it is a madhouse and this is nonsense
Aidperture Testing Initiative
Collection by I Fight For My Friends
A series of testing chambers made for the sole purpose of the enjoyment of the Sentient Cloud. Always available for all test subjects.
Science Everywhere
Collection by The Joker
These test are not the most clever but they all each carry different themes!
Dein Tod
Collection by Maxyz
Torture the Turret Maps
Collection by I Did A Bad
All of the "Torture the Turret" maps. Leave a comment with an idea for future maps, and maybe it will show up later in a different version. See youtube.com/thecactushat for more!
Starters collection
Collection by ハンター
A series of simple puzzles to start with
Collection by Win-AK47{W.I.N}
: D
ALLOS Aperture Testing Annex
Collection by Anachronistic ALLOS
Welcome to the ALLOS Aperture Testing Annex! After a small test calibration,you're ready to face an infinite line of tests! So,look forward to more chambers.
Mevious maps
Collection by josepezdj
Awesome puzzles collection. A must-play map series.
One Horse Shay
Collection by Daedelus
Give me feedback!
The Tower
Collection by oliver.lenaghan
Based on a heist sneaking in through the sewers to get to a vault and out again... I know corny eh? :) Still was very fun to make my first few maps! Hope you enjoy
Speed's Liked Maps
Collection by Fragile Package | This Side Up
Simply Maps that I liked, but cant keep subscribed to due to limits of the Queue.
Sicarius Barritus Map Pack
Collection by Sicarius Barritus
Just a collection of maps I've made. Challenge ranges from medium to expert.
My first 5 chambers.
Collection by Xenophobia
These are my first 5 chambers for Portal 2.These were made when i still kind-of sucked at making maps.
The Underside
Collection by CrashWhiz
A four part story about puzzling through two warring worlds.
The Heist
Collection by Phat Rooster
A sequential set of Portal 2 maps telling the story of a vault, a thief, a portal gun and... something very valuable. New levels will be added as I have time!
ML's Mind Boggling Boxes Collection
Collection by NickNasty
My collection of the Mind Boggling Boxes series and an extra map that's not normally available to the public.
Портал 2 Мапс ,Токо для русских!
Collection by - Xx_Rok_xX -
Русское создание карты.
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