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Madness Coop
Collection by Evil Fluffy
A series of tests that get harder as the creator seems to go mad. (COOP)
Soul-Eating Machine Of Doom
Collection by =Harders=
Soul-Eating Machine Of Doom, is a mappack in which your soul gets eaten by a machine which sends you to the doom dimension. You have to find your way out of the complex, completing a number of test chambers and stuff. PLEASE NOTE THE GAME ISN'T ...
Present from the sky
Collection by blefffff
Do you love to fly? Come!
série impossible ( ou presque )
Collection by Rods
n'éspérez pas voir la sortie de sitôt
better together, coop levels by fletcher
Collection by Felixfeb the Skull Kid
Fun, hard awesome, just right colection.
Portal items
Collection by Fedoraz1
Cool items in Portal 2
Cyberwolf pack
Collection by Rocket the Dandiest racoon
Its co-op and single player fun
Friendly Logic
Collection by mitchthe12th
The Friendly Logic Co-op series by Mitchthe12th. PLEASE NOTE: Feel free to give Mitch Co-op Ideas! PM him and tell him where things would go etc. and you might be in the description! Oooh, Description.......
Death Is Suicide
Collection by MCA
Death Is Suicide is a co-op five-map collection but it's a work in progress. At the beginning of each map, it has DIS, which is Death Is Suicide. The tests are: DISmantle, DISlocation, DISclaim, DISpute, and DISarray. Have fun with your co-op bud...
Collection by xX_Xanthos_Xx
Randy makes love
Collection by mr.B
Collection by NEADMIN
My first puzzles =) Мои первые головоломки =)
Collection by Nickxs
Portal 3
Collection by cjceesteph
Portal 3 Full Game Now Out But Still In The Maken
Aperture Mazes
Collection by The Cube of Hearts
Aperture mazes is a collection of maze puzzles. Each maze has different elements and focuses. Some mazes may focus on the errie feel, while others may foucus on the puzzle aspect, and some will just be about aimlessly wandering around (okay, I will pro...
Magelanex1's CO-OP Chambers!
Collection by It's0wen
Here is my well presnted (actually you juge that!) co-op chambers! Grab your friend and play!
Escape series
Collection by b0unty huntr
These are my portal 2 tset chambers yes you may think they are impossible but they aren't u just need tons of focus and a big brain hope you like my portal 2 chambers.
Collection by CameronBellingham
Collection by Nick99
Hello and welcome to my first collection of cooperative test. PCTI is a challenge for your mind and the difficulty is medium, so you can practise and, very important, have fun!!!
from the desk of the co-captain
Collection by captn_g
[Coop] Work Together Collection
Collection by Neksus
Work Together Collection by Nexus A collection for coop with Cave Johnson!! Old Style MOD + HMW MOD Reflection Gel used. Enjoy :) Part 1 - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=102304913 Part 2 Coming Part 3 Coming Par...
OCD Pack
Collection by AquaGene
Something's askew... you can't quite put your finger on it, but every chamber seems to be not quite right. This is a 5 map pack (eventually), that will get updates pretty regularly. All feedback is appreciated, and the maps are currently playable, but ...
1396 pt 2
Collection by captn_g
1396 pt 2 collection - Portal 2 co-op
K12T6's Lost Puzzles
Collection by K12T6
This is a collection of my two puzzles from my abandon Portal 1 mod that I've rebuilt and improved in Portal 2.
Aperture Complex Testing Section
Collection by Nobody No-One
A parallel Earth, 2029. Our Earth and the parallel Earth are both ruled by an evil sentient cloud. The sentient cloud has created a vast part of Aperture Laboratories called the Aperture Complex Testing Section. In it are the hardest tests created on tha...
BBsan map pack
Collection by BBsan
easy test chamber pack.
Collection by Orik [KI6]
Two similar test. One slightly harder than the other.
Coke's little workshop
Collection by ホロ
걍 심심해서 해봄
Portal: Alive Still
Collection by PokeJosh
What would it look like if the original Portal title was created entirely within the editor of Portal 2? I'm going to attempt to answer that question, with as much attention to detail as possible. There will be some very interesting substitutes and change...
Sewer Rat Mini Maps
Collection by Sutter Cane
Franken Cube rats infest these dank sewers. Try to escape, or become rat food! These are mini maps with one puzzle each.
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