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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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companion destiny
Collection by dani wolf
you must destroy your companion cube to complete these test u.u
All SP Levels
Collection by Zak
Portal 2 test chambers
Collection by PlzDontFuckUp
Where I put test chambers
Zaramaja's Portal 2 Singleplayer Tests
Collection by Zaramaja
All the tests I create in Portal 2 using the Community Test Chambers Test Editor will be here. You can play them in any order you like, as there isn't really a story for them. These tests will not be based on any one mechanic for a certain amount of tests...
amazing items
Collection by catsarecute259
amazing puzzles race playground rolercoasters cube tricks
Collection by The Narrator
Overflown (WIP)
Collection by qMotus
A group of overflown maps :D (WIP)
Cryptic Singularity Collection
Collection by LaFrae
Cryptic Singularity is a Collection of Maps, Single and Coop. Has to be different, lacking in white spaces making it harder to put your portals. But there is always something there to help you.
Team 1396 Pt. IV
Collection by captn_g
Imagine HairyHagrid trying to play this collection, cause ya know, he cant even speak a sentence without screaming like a girl or shitting on James.
Grandpa Testing
Collection by WaterLemon
In Stupid Laboratiories they use Grandpas as test subjects and you are one of them. Complete all the test chambers and die because you are too old. I will make more maps if people play and rate them (P-body and Atlas are not grandpas. They come to ...
Camera Portal 2
Collection by Keksik
Camera Portal 2 - Very interesting and attractive. Play =)
Collection by Ruo
Collection by ryuza
Numbios Challenges
Collection by Antee`
Numbios is waiting for challengers. Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet...
Collection by Sexy Iron Maiden
Portal Single Play Collection
Collection by Jokie Pokie
Dittle's Test Chamber Series for Portal 2
Collection by kitten]
This is my Collection for my Test Chambers that I make for Portal 2. These chambers are not for Co-Op mode.
Quick Tests - MichaelSwan1997
Collection by Ghost Hunter
Quick Tests created by MichaelSwan1997
RedPil test rooms
Collection by RedPil
Here are my test rooms of portal2, give it a try, any feedbacks appriciated ;) gl, hf ^^
Cause & Effect
Collection by Mr. Atoni
These are the Cause & Effect chambers. They are more supposed to be fun, than actually be a puzzle. So have fun, and please let me know if something is broken. :-D
Portal in in Portal 2 remade
Collection by PhoenixVelocity
Like the Titanic... But with Bears.
Collection by [va]ginasaur
See above.
Turtle Labarotorys!
Collection by DEL UnicornShitz
Some Turtles From Earth #44444 Defeated The Sentiant Cloud And Took Over Earth #1 And Now Owns Aputure Science... Its Up To Survive The Turtles Test Chambers!
Logical Thinking Series
Collection by Protonian
The idea behind this map pack is the check if you understand the basics and logical thinking in Portal 2. All the levels have guidance in how to complete them, and some even have bonus exits were you pretty much skip the difficult part by using the stuff ...
Single Escape
Collection by Elovan
(Requires BEEmod to play) A series of five maps dedicated to puzzles using a single portal gun and telling the story of a test subject trying to escape from the facility. If anyone would be interested in taking these maps and fleshing them out in Ha...
Collection by Toby Schwartz
This is a ongoing collection of puzzles designed to make you think about what is necessary and what is extraneous in each level. Some are complex and some devilishly simple. The release of the first two levels occured on June 16, 2013. More levels will...
Welcome Back - bonus maps
Collection by H4mmerPerson
Bonus maps for Welcome Back: http://www.moddb.com/mods/welcome-back. Thanks to ScottOfNorth for the original concepts for these maps.
Collection by Zepalesque
All panel chambers.
Weekly Challenges
Collection by Firedog_Alpha
The Educational Testing Initiative Collection
Collection by SuchABadDoctah
This is a collection of the Educational Testing Initiative (or ETI for short) tests. The ETI is an experiment to show people how the PeTI items work or just to give people ideas for their own PeTI tests. This collection includes several tests about the te...
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