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Path of Balls
Collection by mrCookieSlime [GER]
At the Beginning was it easy,but you must survive in the other Chapters of "Path of Balls" It´s a collection with the maps of "Path of Balls".It called so,because in each Chapter is a Ball. my Steam-Group: TerracraftLP
The Dolphin Initiative Testing
Collection by The Dolphin Whisperer [6]
Tests created by dolphins, for testing by humans. Mehekek, ekekekekeke, ehek, ekeke EHEKEKE ehe ehek ek ek ekekek... mehekekek MEHEKEKEK!
Bauer's Box
Collection by [EcG-I] Jack Bauer
A collection of my current levels for Portal 2.
Havok Hawk First Collection.
Collection by CloudBlade1975
This Is the First Half (almost) of my Havoc Hawk Series (SP ed.) 1-3 made by me and i had a friend come over and Make 4. This is a MUST PLAY.
Learning the Future of Plumbing
Collection by The Cake Nazi
Plumbing with tractor beams, lasers, and spheres. It's plumbing of the future. Have fun! :]
Collection by Jihadi John
My first series including all the available resorces. the first one i think is the hardest of all the test chambers. This series is why i got portal 2 on steam. Steam has made what i hoped for come true.When i first completed Portal 2 i thought "It would ...
Burning Fast
Collection by XpΩwN` ¤ǺŃąЯčħỴ¤
It has turrets that shoot you and you like jump twice to dodge them and them enter the SECRET code of awesomeness after the final explosion you ran into the doorway screaming for help, hoping the potato chips can hear you. And more regular stuff like that...
Tru's Test Maps
Collection by Truidia
Collection by LegoLover98
A collection of Kakanleet's silly maps witch gives you a challenge combined with old aspect of portal maps
Collection by <font face='궁서'>펭긴백
Collection by EmJay
Just a few simple tests for my first maps
Cool Stuff
Collection by Patrick Thornberry
Cool stuff i guess.
Collection by Collin_patrick
sargantana (1)
Collection by sargantana
Collection by gone in one second
mad space
Collection by RedX
Use this space to describe your collection and what makes it interesting... ,. ,·´'; ' , ·. ,.-·~·., ‘ ;'´*´ ,'\ ,' ';'\° / ·'´,.-·-., `,'‚ ; ';::\ ; ;::'\ ...
Wheatleybot's tests
Collection by Mailboss
My test chambers that start out pretty simple but they'll soon be real complex! Hope you enjoy them! Check back for more coming soon!
Under cover of GLaDOS
Collection by Plague Doctor
Collection by Sheppard
Sandbox maps
Collection by warthaymore02
All my sandbox maps (Making new ones almost every day!)
Collection by Asymmetry
Narvikboy's collection [Easy to expert] more to come!
Collection by Chris "CJN" Niiva
this is my levels from "easy" to "Expert" if u dare try to beat my levels u can try! but i give u one hint and that is the name of the course! good luck;)
Reflex Testing [WIP]
Collection by actual gril
Madman Midnight
Collection by egroth32
Collection by mikfig
The levels collection
the rock
Collection by Jack The Ripper
portal maps
Collection by Hubbson
this is good :)
Collection by ILLUMINATI
4 TEST for players
A series of trials
Collection by Firestorm185
A series of trials. Use cunning and skill to pass these tests. Also, were a good pair of long fall boots. You'll be falling a lot.
Collection by Bill
Buttons, Lasers, Fields, Turets and other
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