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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: Ojo
A weekly series in which 4 people each pick 1 item then have exactly 1 hour to build a puzzle using only the 4 items. The only items allowed that are not picked by the players are lighting sources and glass. WINNER OF WEEK 2: DoubleS
ZA3 Dillema
Collection by: LOZEMO76
Collection by: stremfighter
Collection fo the best portal 2 test chambers.
Collection by: CapcomHatesAmerica
The best portal 2 maps.
mit abbonierten objekten
Collection by: ー═┻┳︻▄ξ(✿ ❛‿❛)ξ▄︻┻┳═一
The Unitmate Coopertive
Collection by: susanfeibe
The Unitmate Cooperative!
Collection by: guythundar
A small, but growing set of Test Chambers.
Test Chambers
Collection by: IM ON CHAIR
All of my test chambers in one collection! Enjoy :D!
Cheaty Cube
Collection by: GoombaGeek
In Cheaty Cube, solutions are ambiguous. Things may appear broken, but are not. Things may appear working, but are broken. Levels may be broken. You may be launched where you aren't expecting. The unanticipated may happen frequently. You may have to resor...
Feyrin's Collected Testing
Collection by: Feyrin
This will be the collection of all my test chambers. I can't promise you'll have a good time trying them out, as I'm testing a lot of different mechanics with the editor still. Please let me know if the testing chambers are any good or not!
The Collection of HELLO
Collection by: HELLO23
This is a collection of all the chambers I created. Enjoy playing !
Fun with Funnels!
Collection by: George, o travesseiro inoportuno
These are my first test chambers. They're based mostly on easy to medium difficulty mechanic challenges and observation rather than brain puzzles. Go ahead and try it, having fun with funnels is, well...fun!
Medium Difficulty Levels
Collection by: phrasmotica
This is a collection of levels which I have made, all of which I classify as having a medium difficulty level.
Sandbox maps
Collection by: {APH} Feliks Lukasiewics
All my sandbox maps (Making new ones almost every day!)
Collection by: Asymmetry
Narvikboy's collection [Easy to expert] more to come!
Collection by: Chris "CJN" Niiva
this is my levels from "easy" to "Expert" if u dare try to beat my levels u can try! but i give u one hint and that is the name of the course! good luck;)
Reflex Testing [WIP]
Collection by: actual gril
Madman Midnight
Collection by: egroth32
Collection by: mikfig
The levels collection
the rock
Collection by: Ron Burgundy
portal maps
Collection by: HAX IS WRONG
this is good :)
GEO TESTs by Port-12
Collection by: PanCube
This is GEO TESTs by Port-12.
Collection by: Ezip
4 TEST for players
A series of trials
Collection by: Firestorm185
A series of trials. Use cunning and skill to pass these tests. Also, were a good pair of long fall boots. You'll be falling a lot.
Collection by: Salvador
Buttons, Lasers, Fields, Turets and other
"Secrets of Apature"Story Chambers
Collection by: Vladimir Pootin'
All of the chambers for my series so far! NOTE:Series under construction Next chambers:Steel Gauntlet(FIXED) and 1 other Hope you liek these
The Cosmic Gauntlet
Collection by: Gunnar0007
An assortment of transdimensional test chambers meant to truly test the wits and grits of the most esteemed intergalactic test subjects.
Sevatar's Portal 2 Tests
Collection by: Mario
My Portal 2 testc chambers./Мои тесты в игре Portal 2.
Chambers of Mong
Collection by: Psymong
Because, sometimes, you want to play maps made by an idiot...
Eazy levels
Collection by: Ezip
For starter
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