Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Test 1a#a Chamber Collection
Collection by: Ferisii
My personal creations of Test Chambers for You! Yes You! Now Listen carefully. Many of these Test Chambers need some proper testing, so why don't you just click that download button and Start Working? For Science! HEADS UP! Diffeculty varies from level...
Halls of the Test
Collection by: Pickles123
These halls have tests that increase in difficulty. Good luck!
Cube Puzzle Set 02
Collection by: AlwaysToast
Set of design related cube based puzzles.
The Test Chambers of an Aperture Apprentice
Collection by: Little Hats
As an apprentice within Aperture Laboratories, the world's leading company in science, Little Hats tries so hard to make Test Chambers that are good enough for distribution. Unfortunately, they always seem to be too easy. One day, Little Hats hopes to mak...
Fast play! Is a lie!
Collection by: Wudumaster
There are five chambers. Each has something special. Try your luck! If errors occur, write me! [Translated with google translator] <------> Es sind fünf Kammern. Jede hat etwas besonderes. Versuche dein Glück! Wenn Fehler auftreten, schreibt mi...
Think Tank
Collection by: The Harvester
Think Tank. Yes that is what you should be if want a great challange. Try to find you way out to the last map and you will eventually fight against my Turret Slave Army. Be careful they are dangerous.
Omega Testing
Collection by: (TMS)AT-100B
the Omega Testing track has officially arrived today with 20 dangerous tests Other Testing tracks Alpha Testing-coming soon will have 15 tests Beta Testing-Gonna begin construction after Omega Mad Testing-dont know if this one will come likely after ...
Easier Puzzle Maps
Collection by: KennKong
I prefer to play difficult maps, but maybe you don't. And just because I think a map is easy, doesn't mean I think it isn't good. The maps you find here are relatively easier than my "Hardest Puzzle Maps", and many should be easy for almost anyone, bu...
Chaos control's test chambers
Collection by: [SP][SFMMac]ChaosControl
A serie of test chambers themed all along. Gels there, then turrets, it's always new and awesome ! Try it now !
Janthran Laboratories Omega Wing
Collection by: Janthran
The Omega Wing of Janthran Laboratories. One of the more difficult bits.
CO-OP map collection 01/ ?
Collection by: borealis117
co-op versions of previously uploaded maps.
Strange Aperture
Collection by: boosteD
It's Strange
Easy Test- For new players
Collection by: Oxy
Easy Tests for the new players, have fun friends..
My Co-op Tests
Collection by: Jackson
This series of tests allows the two players to use cooperative testing maneuvers in order to pass through each chamber. Teamwork is highly encouraged.
First collection of tests.
Collection by: Clone5184 |
Please note that this only contains a few tests. More to be added later.
the salle mosteur-test
Collection by: mosteur13 | PirateHooking.com
salle de test plus ou mpoin faciles creer par un FRANCAIS
Simply Frustrating Chambers!
Collection by: KonekoFire
Levels are very mean and love cookies. :3
St. Heavens in Aperpure Co-op
Collection by: †Огонек†
I'm glad that you two are HERE, my dear...
Portal 2 : Elandex
Collection by: Elandex
Des maps de Portal 2. Dites-moi ce que vous en pensez pour que j'essaie d'améliorer mes cartes et en créer à chaque fois des meilleurs. Amusez-vous bien. Maps of Portal 2. Say to me of what you think of it so that I try to improve my cards(maps) and...
Fragster's levels
Collection by: Fragster
This is just the collection of all my levels! Enjoy them!
Security Protocol feat. R03|\|793|\|U5
Collection by: ModernME
Security Protocol ----------------------------------------------- SECURITY PROTOCOL ENGAGED Please note that all Aperture Science employees must evacuate within the 6 minutes of warm up. All neurotoxin generators become fully operational after every...
Aperture Laboratories Test Journal
Collection by: The Great and Powerful Trixie
You have been taken from your home to test with the Portal Gun for Aperture Laboratories. You are keeping a journal of each day and test you take. Aperture keeps making more tests for you every time you complete one, making it so you never run out of te...
Ryman9189TheDoctor's Parkour Series (Only 4 is very good)
Collection by: ᴰᵉᶜᵏRyman9189TheDoctor
This is a collection of the 4 parkour maps I made, the very first 4 maps I made for this game, in fact.
Les Salle D'une Rose
Collection by: Rosalyaa
Plusieurs salle simpatique, facile et même des fois rapides. En tout cas, amuser vous bien =^_^=
Collection by: Jaguar
Welcome, test subject! You have been selected to participate in some of APERTURE LABORATORIES' deleted testing chambers. Test them to confirm the results for future uses. Only four lost testing chambers have currently been discovered from the facility at ...
Verticular / The Series
Collection by: Skyferret
A series of puzzles based on working your way up to the exit vertically. They all have the uniqueness of glass floors between levels as their signature to this series. Coversion gel, tractor beams, and lasers are some of the themes to each puzzle in navig...
Knibble's First Week on the Job
Collection by: Knibbles
So I jumped back onto Portal and saw the whole Making Test Intiative thing and got excited. Then I saw Mevious's puzzles. I now aspire to be as frustratingly difficult yet awesome as he is. Mevious, if you read this, I'm coming for you :)
The MoonPalm Science Testing!
Collection by: Fat Scout
Welcome to the Moonpalm Science Testing, Where Moonpalm And Aperture Science Work for a Golden Age of Science! Chamber 1: Goo, Plates, And a Companion. Chamber 2: This feels Similer. Chamber 3: TuRRets. Chamber 4: Sky High. Chamber 5: Chamber 6: ...
Collection by: antonzik
Hooperture Science
Collection by: Bruce Wayne
Une aventure pour ceux qui ont un esprit de déduction peu commun!
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