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Laser Logic
Collection by: Basking_Boomer.LS
Like logic gates but hate puzzles that are just showcases of tricks with no fun? You are a scholar and a gentelman and these maps are for you.
Test Chambers
Collection by: Sass!
This is a collection of all my single player Portal 2 maps.
My Little Test Chambers.
Collection by: Coal Dust XIII
This Collection is basicly my own collection of levels that i created, and i enjoyed creating them. Please comment on what you enjoyed or hate about each level, I invite critatisim (but not about what i like).
Collection by: slschuga
A series of tests you are put through as one of Aperture Science's test subjects (GLaDOS doesn't exist here). Some are adjoined and are crucial to each other's completion, others aren't.
The Ones With An Unreachable Companion Cube
Collection by: GoldPlated
Ermahgerd, I grouped all my test chambers into a collection for convenience's sake! "The Ones With An Unreachable Companion Cube" are test chambers that are not too easy, but not too hard either! The only common point between all test chambers is that...
Thinking With Cubes
Collection by: Gelter
A collection of all the Thinking With Cubes maps that I have made.
Collection by: tN|Obsidien
Collection by: Zuluflor
When Science Goes Wrong
Collection by: Issac,Freeman of Sopaland
This is a collection that includes all the When Science Goes Wrong levels And no, theres no zombies sorry l4d fans
Cube Dilemmas
Collection by: jman
If you like cubes and challenges based on them, this collection may be for you! Contents: Cube Dilemma Another Cube Dilemma Yet Another Cube Dilemma Even Yet Another Cube Dilemma (Coming Soon) Not Another Cube Dilemma Wait, Another Cube Dilemma...
The Turret War: Co-Op Edition
Collection by: MygingerguyYT
From The Creators Of The Vortex Dropper! 2 Player Tale and Co-Op Tale! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This Tale Tells About The War Of The Dark Demons Of The Universe. This...
Collection by: [Derp7]Proto
Jason and Chris
Collection by: captn_g
Portal 2 collection
Collection by: Pie Lord
ERC - Emergency Repair Crew
Collection by: Bloodspeaker1
These test chambers showcase the efforts of the Emergency Repair Crew, the brave lunatics who maintained the early Aperture Labs facilities.
Collection by: Sörenmann
Advice's Multiverse Chambers
Collection by: NoobianPrincess
Cave Johnson here. Astronauts,War Heroes,Olympians,this is a collection of a real multiverse chambers. Let's Test now and be careful*. *with the lemons
Мои камеры в портале2
Collection by: k666_01
Камеры для портал 2, сделанные к666_01, тестированные и проверенные на ошибки CTPAyC.
Portal 1 Adaptation
Collection by: MrLasagna13
A series of maps based en the portal 1 tests, I didn't used hammer.
Meine Kammern
Collection by: blackbot2.0
Collection by: smartmrbill
pass it along
TOP 10
Collection by: Stuntmanmyke
Chambers Of Testing
Collection by: E=mc2
Chambers Of Testing Is A PTI Map Series.
Collection by: Master Yoda
Cosmo's Portal 2 Stuff
Collection by: Super Cozi Prower!~ [SGB]
This is a collection of all my Portal 2 workshop items I have worked on.
The Default Trials
Collection by: Synsilon
This collection is a set of Portal 2 maps that I'm designing called the Default Trials. They are all built inside the default room size, so they're small, but that doesn't mean they're simple. Please rate and comment, I love feedback and hearing what wa...
HR Permutations
Collection by: ktait
Over the summer of 2013 I created a Portal 2 level called HardRiff. In the fall, when I came back to it, I realised it was much too hard and was filled with too much stuff. So I split it conceptually into four levels. These are those levels.
diff maps
Collection by: TicTac3369
Gefängnisse aus Stahl
Collection by: https-kai.z
Verschiedene Maps aus allen Kategorien von leicht bis schwer! von Kai Zeitner
Freya's Chambers
Collection by: LIMITED PIXEL
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