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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Easy test chamber.
Collection by: artyomovg
Very easy/
Collection by: [G-Pro] Retalyx
Toues les cartes RetaRoom
For Lack of A Better Name: The Negative Chambers
Collection by: ʈĦɘ ᶌɘӏƌȾ
The For Lack of A Better Name Negative Collective which Holds the Pre-Hammer playable maps
RayPals | Chaos Series
Collection by: RayPals
This Series is a co-op based Collection. is you want a challange we'll you got one, so play some of the first stuff i made!
The Aperture Science Probation Assignment
Collection by: Mr. Nice Guy
TO: employee69000@aperturescience.com RE: INDEFINITE IMPRISONMENT Due to your escape of the Aperture Science Laser Imprisonment & Contemplation Chamber, the Aperture Science Laser Imprisonment & Contemplation Chamber has been deemed to be a test chamb...
Spaß mit Türmen
Collection by: craniel
Immer die Geschütztürme.
proxy's chambers 8-11 not what it seems
Collection by: vSkry
the 3rd collection of coper laboratories
Spinster's Test
Collection by: Avaruusmanteli / Nanofus
You find yourself in a dangerous series of test chambers. You've only heard strange rumors about this place... the place called the Spinster's Test. Are you still alive when you reach the exit?
Trouver le Cube
Collection by: Dracks977
Suite de maps Trouver le Cube, qui a pour bute de trouver dans chaque maps le cube voyage
Turret Trials
Collection by: Coded_In_Assembly
JUST TRY AND TOUCH THAT BABY. This will pit your wits against the turret. It starts out easy but will get harder and harder as the levels go on.
Collection by: P[!T]kaGuru
The White Hole
Collection by: Startrekkr
Chaotic series.
Collection by: Dr.Ugs
The easier it looks... the more difficult it gets. Continue if you have experience in the field of unlogics.
The Pancake is a Lie
Collection by: siberian
This is my first steps in creating of map for games. And first pancase no bad... always.
Glitches and Tricks or what?
Collection by: FrozenStriker
To solve this test you may or may not use glitches and strange mechanics xP Please rate and faver if you Liked and check out my Coop map thx :D
Robotics At Work
Collection by: FlyingSentry
These chambers involve alot of thinking and moving parts. Don't cut yourself. Don't fail...
Collection of my favorate maps
Collection by: StephenC
This is a collection of my favorit maps by other users.
The greatest exhibits of all time
Collection by: The Unlocked
This Gallery presents the greatest of all of the exhibits in the one and only multiveral greatest museum of all time.
Big puzzle
Collection by: KoT-MaTpOcKuH>Lucky man
The Greater locations with ensemble of the brain-twisters. In some places it is necessary be conceived =)
save apreture science the series
Collection by: #left4noobs
apreture is in trouble so glados asks you to come back to save it and you decide to go.You cant see whats wrong with apreture but your sure something must be wrong with it so you decide to continue.Find out what happens in chells adventure to save apret...
Collection by: iios
Extreme and boring experimental chambers.
Brainy Puzzles
Collection by: Goose
Challenging and original maps to wrinkle your brain. Ranging from simple to complex.
Samueloss's Map Pack 01
Collection by: Samueloss
Mes 5 premières map dans un seul pack : -Samueloss's Aperture Science - 01 (Niveau Moyen) -Samueloss's Aperture Science - 02 (Niveau Moyen) -Samueloss's Aperture Science Mini - 01 (Niveau Facile) -Samueloss's Aperture Science Mini - 02 (Niveau Facile...
Cobalt Evolutions
Collection by: iCobalt
Cobalt Evolutions is a collection of 10 maps that will challenge the player, making them think about every move that they do. It may seem easy to start off with, however, as the collection goes on, and more maps are released, the player will be challenged...
Fun-L Fun
Collection by: Cow Q L8 or
A collectiion of my two first levels, both mainly dealing with excursion funnels: The first one is a fairly simple but fun level. The second is a challenging puzzle with many complex steps.
Rebuilding Broken Aperture
Collection by: TheBdude
Its amazing what a little cleanup can do to Science.
The CODE collection
Collection by: amaury1038
Found the combinations !! Trouvez les combinaisons !!
The Tough Ones
Collection by: Coach Dwayne
A fun collection of my test chambers "A must play" Doowus123 "Really fun" Fr0zone325
Test levels
Collection by: 战神
This folder contains all the intro levels and test levels.
Test for Men!
Collection by: DJ Voxtell
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