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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Dead Man's Chambers
Collection by: TheWhoDoctor
Explore closed off chambers where many have died trying to solve One man's head exploded when he thought too hard on one of these tests
SP Challenges
Collection by: FlaSh3ch
Mała kolekcja moich mapek, ogólnie dość łatwych. A small collection of my maps, generally quite easy.
Collection by: alex.sweitzer
its awsome
Lab Rats
Collection by: Bi0Haz4rd
Lab Rats Series Stage 1 : The Escape (More to come)
Collection by: MEDIC
What Is This I Don't Even...
easy or not
Collection by: sclicer86
you deacde if it is easy or not.
TEST ???
Collection by: Ezip
4 TESTS for players
The Levels
Collection by: Duck Invaders
I'm planning to release a set of maps every week or so until I feel like stopping. I'll probably end up forgetting but oh well.. Eventually I also plan to create a storyline that's completely unrelated to these maps.
portal 2
Collection by: c-loud
Collection by: PH42Ee
Hoffe es macht euch Spaß ^^
Aperture testing
Collection by: progamer
testing is important play single player then ecape then play with our 2 favorite bots and save testing in co-op
Portal Test Chamber Recreations
Collection by: Kauko (AndrewNeo)
Recreations of Portal test chambers using only the map editor.
The Gauntlet Collection
Collection by: Dreamer
A series of test chambers designed not to test the puzzle-solving abilities of players, but instead designed to test their survival. Timing is crucial to completing these chambers, you can't be a fraction of a second out. (Currently working on revampin...
AST Extended Tests
Collection by: Jelsief
Collection of easy and medium difficulty chambers.
Am I Lost?
Collection by: Eye Code
This Collection is of my own mind blow 3D puzzles...
simple difficult map
Collection by: Kaito kid
Mes maps de difficulté simple a plus dure
Friendly Faith Plate
Collection by: moldie
This is going to be a 12 part series mainly focusing on faith plates. Parts will be released when finished. There is 12 maps including a intro. Story: This is the Faith Plate testing facility, you have been hired to test the new products. If someone co...
Aperture Sports 2012: Basketball Collection
Collection by: Sylvianbriar
A collection of maps depicting the popular sport 'Basketball' and using portal's mechanics recreating that game
Collection by: High Speed Doubbing
You need to escape from the prison. The level called "Prison" is the first part of the series.
No escape
Collection by: e-wok345
I was wondering what if glaDOS didn't let Chell go? This collection story thingy shows what happens. Note: if Cave says anything, ignore him.
Test Chambers 1-10
Collection by: Sage
Alright, 1-10. Simple, right?
Collection by: Backgrounds'
Five chambers filled with jump challenges using the bounce gel and the arial faith plates, some are easy, some are hard.
Run & Jump
Collection by: IsterX
Dans les salles de la serie "Run & Jump" il faudra utiliser les diferents gels pour finir la dis salle.
Azul, naranja y blanco.
Collection by: Phyross
Three chambers where you will have to use the properties of the three gels in the game. Tres cámaras en las que tendrás que usar las propiedades de los tres geles del juego.
Boing !!
Collection by: StIg
A collection of my puzzles. All are of medium difficulty and all use Blue Gel at some point or another, hence the name Boing! Please provide feedback, they've all been playtested, but anything wrong, let me know. Never stop testing...
The Lovely Test Chamber
Collection by: susanfeibe
Collection by: Dakow58
Markia Testing Initiative ( MTI )
Collection by: [T.R.O.] Orisis
Your Marianne, brother of the director, You tried to see me but YOU ACCIDENTALY GO INTO THE CHAMBERS!!! Olso, He was acualy at the end chamber. Go through the chambers and have fun!
Aperture Science Facile Testing Facility
Collection by: Dylia
A collection of test chambers by Dylia, queen of the easiest test chambers known to existance.
Darks Little Puzzles
Collection by: ThunderCunt
Puzzles made by me, just out of fun. But they do honestly feel like puzzles.
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