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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Cube Puzzle Set 02
Collection by: AlwaysToast
Set of design related cube based puzzles.
Collection by: Backgrounds'
Five chambers filled with jump challenges using the bounce gel and the arial faith plates, some are easy, some are hard.
Run & Jump
Collection by: IsterX
Dans les salles de la serie "Run & Jump" il faudra utiliser les diferents gels pour finir la dis salle.
Azul, naranja y blanco.
Collection by: Phyross
Three chambers where you will have to use the properties of the three gels in the game. Tres cámaras en las que tendrás que usar las propiedades de los tres geles del juego.
Boing !!
Collection by: StIg
A collection of my puzzles. All are of medium difficulty and all use Blue Gel at some point or another, hence the name Boing! Please provide feedback, they've all been playtested, but anything wrong, let me know. Never stop testing...
The Lovely Test Chamber
Collection by: susanfeibe
Collection by: Dakow58
Markia Testing Initiative ( MTI )
Collection by: P0RTALCrafter
Your Marianne, brother of the director, You tried to see me but YOU ACCIDENTALY GO INTO THE CHAMBERS!!! Olso, He was acualy at the end chamber. Go through the chambers and have fun!
The Pancake is a Lie
Collection by: siberian
This is my first steps in creating of map for games. And first pancase no bad... always.
Glitches and Tricks or what?
Collection by: FrozenStriker
To solve this test you may or may not use glitches and strange mechanics xP Please rate and faver if you Liked and check out my Coop map thx :D
Robotics At Work
Collection by: FlyingSentry
These chambers involve alot of thinking and moving parts. Don't cut yourself. Don't fail...
Collection of my favorate maps
Collection by: StephenC
This is a collection of my favorit maps by other users.
The greatest exhibits of all time
Collection by: smpaley
This Gallery presents the greatest of all of the exhibits in the one and only multiveral greatest museum of all time.
Big puzzle
Collection by: KoT-MaTpOcKuH>Lucky man
The Greater locations with ensemble of the brain-twisters. In some places it is necessary be conceived =)
save apreture science the series
Collection by: #left4noobs
apreture is in trouble so glados asks you to come back to save it and you decide to go.You cant see whats wrong with apreture but your sure something must be wrong with it so you decide to continue.Find out what happens in chells adventure to save apret...
Collection by: iios
Extreme and boring experimental chambers.
Brainy Puzzles
Collection by: Goose
Challenging and original maps to wrinkle your brain. Ranging from simple to complex.
Samueloss's Map Pack 01
Collection by: Samueloss
Mes 5 premières map dans un seul pack : -Samueloss's Aperture Science - 01 (Niveau Moyen) -Samueloss's Aperture Science - 02 (Niveau Moyen) -Samueloss's Aperture Science Mini - 01 (Niveau Facile) -Samueloss's Aperture Science Mini - 02 (Niveau Facile...
Cobalt Evolutions
Collection by: [GOMA] iCobalt
Cobalt Evolutions is a collection of 10 maps that will challenge the player, making them think about every move that they do. It may seem easy to start off with, however, as the collection goes on, and more maps are released, the player will be challenged...
Fun-L Fun
Collection by: Cow Q L8 or
A collectiion of my two first levels, both mainly dealing with excursion funnels: The first one is a fairly simple but fun level. The second is a challenging puzzle with many complex steps.
Collection by: Hemlock
I'm really not sure about how to do this fully, but it's my first time trying it out. Hope you can relate :)
Try a Manual Override!
Collection by: jselby
The Try a Manual Override Portal 2 map series.
Isaac's Portal Puzzle Pack
Collection by: isaac.wass
This is my collection of Portal puzzles I made. I made it to group together all my puzzles, so one doesn't have to hit the subscribe for EACH SINGLE ONE. (c^o^)
ExpLOo - Testing Innovations
Collection by: iPanda
Collection of testing chambers that will open you to a new level of testing. Turn on your logic and find a way to get to the exit. Please don't forget to rate maps and invite friends. Oh, and leave your comments ;)
Первая коллекция
Collection by: GripShip
моя первая коллекция не судите строго
Collection by: Hendoodle
Simple But Quite Annoying
Brain Testers
Collection by: Shawnathan55
These are chambers my cousin made. They have stumped me a few times, but they aren't to bad. Enjoy!
ill jumps
Collection by: IL ̿̿'̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪●)=/̵͇̿̿/'̿
Collection of bouncy tests.
Testsubject Otze
Collection by: Deaxter
Hier befinden sich die Testchamber für mein Testsubjekt Otze! Otze's "Let's Play your Level": (Playlistlink Folgt)
Collection by: SirJoseph
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