Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: Zakkite
A series of chambers with the intention of getting progressivly difficult over each part.
3 Big Rooms
Collection by: JoCarter
This is my 1st try building test chambers. I think these are fun and a bit challenging. Let me know what you think of these or tips for my next efforts.
Collection by: BerSeeker
all "Zimple" Maps made with puzzle maker. hope you like theses maps.
Collection by: _A_n_d_z_A_
Collection of all my tests, will update as soon as I make a new map! Subscribe and Enjoy!
Aperture Laboratories2
Collection by: CHEWIER2
A collection of levels I created. There are many more in the works.
The Apeture Testing Facilities
Collection by: Roboguy99
When Apature Science finish making a porduct, they test it here (or at least I say so). You can help by testing your skills and thier porducts right now!
The Alpha Set
Collection by: CyberRei
Just me playing around with this new feature
Collection by: Ojo
A weekly series in which 4 people each pick 1 item then have exactly 1 hour to build a puzzle using only the 4 items. The only items allowed that are not picked by the players are lighting sources and glass. WINNER OF WEEK 2: DoubleS
A series of trials
Collection by: Firestorm185
A series of trials. Use cunning and skill to pass these tests. Also, were a good pair of long fall boots. You'll be falling a lot.
Collection by: Salvador
Buttons, Lasers, Fields, Turets and other
"Secrets of Apature"Story Chambers
Collection by: [BPK]Brosef Stalin
All of the chambers for my series so far! NOTE:Series under construction Next chambers:Steel Gauntlet(FIXED) and 1 other Hope you liek these
Cerebral Training
Collection by: Clap²
A short text will come soon.
The Cosmic Gauntlet
Collection by: Gunnar0007
An assortment of transdimensional test chambers meant to truly test the wits and grits of the most esteemed intergalactic test subjects.
Sevatar's Portal 2 Tests
Collection by: agent Jessy Ass
My Portal 2 testc chambers./Мои тесты в игре Portal 2.
Chambers of Mong
Collection by: Psymong
Because, sometimes, you want to play maps made by an idiot...
Eazy levels
Collection by: Ezip
For starter
Collection by: hax0r
very easy lavels)
Collection by: Leon
Несколько легких карт для Portal 2 сделаные лично мной.. P.S: Возможно люди скажут что некоторые карты я спроэктировал так, что их невозможно пр...
Collection by: icemeisters
Lucas Science: Test Chambers 1 - 7
Collection by: LucasGodzilla
It's Maps 1 - 7. I try to make it fun, challenging, and very puzzlish. Please try out my collection.
Collection by: gone in one second
mad space
Collection by: Echo | RedX
Use this space to describe your collection and what makes it interesting... ,. ,·´'; ' , ·. ,.-·~·., ‘ ;'´*´ ,'\ ,' ';'\° / ·'´,.-·-., `,'‚ ; ';::\ ; ;::'\ ...
Wheatleybot's tests
Collection by: Mailboss
My test chambers that start out pretty simple but they'll soon be real complex! Hope you enjoy them! Check back for more coming soon!
Under cover of GLaDOS
Collection by: [V-PLAY] SERVER
Collection by: Gregor
Easy Test Room
Collection by: даже твой дед
my first test chambers
Collection by: Monimon
My own story
Collection by: max
Oh, I don't know. I just want to make my own Portal 2 levels.
6 Odd Tests
Collection by: High Speed Doubbing
There are six tests in here that are very odd. Can you solve them all?
SodaBob's It's All Greek To Me
Collection by: HONDO.SodaBob
A collection of simple yet hopefully fun Portal test chambers.
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