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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Boing !!
Collection by: StIg
A collection of my puzzles. All are of medium difficulty and all use Blue Gel at some point or another, hence the name Boing! Please provide feedback, they've all been playtested, but anything wrong, let me know. Never stop testing...
The Lovely Test Chamber
Collection by: wubbzy301
Collection by: Dakow58
Markia Testing Initiative ( MTI )
Collection by: Test Subject #2833
Your Marianne, brother of the director, You tried to see me but YOU ACCIDENTALY GO INTO THE CHAMBERS!!! Olso, He was acualy at the end chamber. Go through the chambers and have fun!
Aperture Science Facile Testing Facility
Collection by: Dylia
A collection of test chambers by Dylia, queen of the easiest test chambers known to existance.
Darks Little Puzzles
Collection by: Bigus Dickus
Puzzles made by me, just out of fun. But they do honestly feel like puzzles.
Mind Maze Collection
Collection by: Sheldor
Part I * theme: defying gravity * final version online Part II * theme: jumping * still under construction Part III * theme: lasers and cubes * final version uploaded Part IV * coming soon Have fun! If you find any bugs or glitches, fe...
The Frankencube House
Collection by: atmaSurge
This house calls to me. Amidst the circuitry, lasers, and high-technology within, there is a dark and ancient secret. A secret someone wanted to keep behind bars. Haha, nah. It's just a house, or something! Let's walk around, push some buttons, and ...
For Lack of A Better Name: The Innovation
Collection by: ƨIƦeƝƨƆǝoɭ
The Collection of all the F.L.A.B.N (For Lack of A Better Name) Maps
The Seven Trolls
Collection by: jasonm144
7 maps of fustration, but completable. Can you finish them all?
Kw’s Portal 2 Multi-Challenges
Collection by: Kwpolska
This is a bunch of maps with many challenges in it, every one different from each other.
Too Easy
Collection by: skunktronix
A series of test chambers that appear easy at first glance, but there's much more to them than you'd expect. Try the obvious solution first, and see what happens.
Portest Mappack vol.1
Collection by: Zoodiac
Portest Mappack vol.1
The End Of The Beginning
Collection by: Soulary
This collection will only be interesting if you find it interesting, and as such i hope that you find it interesting! :D
Don't Make Lemonade!'s Simple Collection
Collection by: rag33
A collection Of Simple Maps By Don't Make Lemonade!
This time... We will Test Glados
Collection by: Dimitard234
Tired of u getting tested on? How about we give the doctor his medicine tehn :3
The confidential testing chambers
Collection by: CriticalChris
my tests are updated at random times
Tests. Part 1.
Collection by: [YRIP]DemonCheeze
These are a few tests that include everything from pressing a button to flying in the sky!
Fun and Laughs
Collection by: King Hodor
A fun and not too hard set of maps. Enjoy :)
Einfach-Test by [DKZ]THE_ORKER
Collection by: [GP]THE_ORKER
Einfache und leicht zu lösende Rätzel. Viel Spaß!!!
Clever Portal 2 Machines
Collection by: Sir Daidv
People who are far more clever than I have created some very crafty contraptions to get around the current in-game map editor's limitations. Here are a list of some of my favorites!
LagMasters Collection
Collection by: <Lag Masters> WannaBeShaunUK
All Chambers here are made Random fun and easy if you want more or have ideas on how to improve chambers or on new chambers then contact me on youtube (www.youtube.com/lagmasters)
The Containment Test Track
Collection by: Kroltan
A series of test chambers designed to follow a sequence, but with no required order to play.
Arial Training
Collection by: AwzomSpezman
A collection of my test chambers~ Simple enough.
Onimia: map collection
Collection by: Beepity-boop
First set of levels
Collection by: Duxator
these were my first set of levels created by the dlc. I hope you guys enjoy it.
Uncontrolled Laser Fire
Collection by: Uncontrolled Bush
This is a series of maps I have made, all of them involve lasers in some way, enjoy!
Two and a Half Thirty in the Morning
Collection by: Uncontrolled Bush
Two and a Half Thirty in the Morning is going to be a (Possibly!) very large amount of maps, which all vary in design, elements, size, difficulty, and amount of coffe already made in the coffee machine. It's early in the morning, nobody's at work yet, but...
Collection by: Vahmose
Try V.A.H. Three! I bet you can't get it on the first try.
Mock's Lan Maps
Collection by: mocklantor
Verschieden Maps mit Portal 2 Editor erstellt und mit Hammer Editor bearbeitet.
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