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Zocker's test chambers - EXPERT
Collection by ǝxǝ˙ɹǝʞɔoz
All EXPERT chambers
Zocker's test chambers - HARD
Collection by ǝxǝ˙ɹǝʞɔoz
All HARD chambers
Zocker's test chambers - MEDIUM
Collection by ǝxǝ˙ɹǝʞɔoz
All MEDIUM chambers
Zocker's test chambers - EASY
Collection by ǝxǝ˙ɹǝʞɔoz
All EASY chambers
Collection by camille.soyer01
Zocker's jump chambers
Collection by ǝxǝ˙ɹǝʞɔoz
Just jump don't think! ENJOY!
Zocker's test chambers Set 1
Collection by ǝxǝ˙ɹǝʞɔoz
A set with 2 easy, 2 medium, 2 hard and 2 expert chambers. You don't need to play them in a special order! ENJOY!
QueuED's Puzzles
Collection by QueuED
QueuED's Portal 2 puzzles collection.
The Adventures of Brendan and Sandro in Portal 2
Collection by Sandor The Destroyer
Timothy's Portal Project
Collection by DrippingYellowMadness
A collection of test chambers I made a while back. The collection has 22 workshop files and 33 test chambers. I hope you enjoy!
LRR Community Levels
Collection by [TMC] Admiral Memo
This is a list that Paul can subscribe to for his Portal 2 Stream. Also for LRR fans in general.
Time Skip Ver 1.0
Collection by KiNGsOfMe
As Wheatley clumsily leads Chell through the testing facility, they accidentally wake up GLaDOS - which Chell had previously shut down - in its chamber. In doing so, your body is released from your stasis pod; a pod that has been forgotten and left unatte...
Portal 2 Level
Collection by Master Godsun
Hier lade ich alle meine Portal 2 Level hoch ich denke ich lade 1 Level alle 2 Wochen hoch
portal 1 remake
Collection by trade.tf | Aviorleking [FR]
my created levels of portal 1 remake
Together Is Better
Collection by Skate96
Together Is Better: Get all "Together Is Better" chambers with one click. New chambers are coming soon. Follow me to be always up to date. Good luck and have fun. Please give me a feedback in the comments.
Cappin's Portal 2 Map Collection
Collection by Cappin
The entire collection - Cappin's Portal 2 Maps all in one bundle. Updated over time with new maps almost every week.
Red's Easy Pickin's
Collection by RedSilencer
A collection of easy-to-medium puzzles. Some by me, mostly by others.
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