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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Cool Tests
Collection by Riperzz
My Test Chamber Collection that I made with peti Maps Singleplayer Only - Cool Simple Test (v2) - Cool Simple Test 2 (v2) - Cool Simple Test 3 (v1) - Four Rooms (v1) - Locked In (v1) - Two Cubes (v1) - Water Chamber (v1)
ASARF/AlphaCo Series
Collection by VeraxonHD
This is the AlphaCo Enrichment Series :D
Collection by |Majo|
DAPAQ is a portal 2 chamber serie made for you who want random stuff, a challange, and go crazy. As you play through the maps you may uncover the mystery of DAPAQ... or is the mystery just a legend? No one knows.... But maybe you will find out? Try it ...
Last Test's
Collection by Michelle :3
Hörnchen nest
Collection by Das Obihörnchen mit Nusspumpe
Versuch lebend anzukommen
Polsetest [1-12]
Collection by // Vaffe
Collection of all polsetest maps! Updated: -Added Map 8. -Added Map 9-10-11-12.
Coop maps I like
Collection by >:3 john d'oh [2E1D]
Coop maps I like.
Collection by LoveYourLizard
Collection by Pan
Mouse Challenge Chambers
Collection by Knockout Mouse
These tests will push your problem solving abilities to the limit. Starting with the simplest and gradually becoming more complex, these chambers will challenge you in new, innovative ways, and are absolutely necessary to further the cause of science! ...
Mouse Single Rooms
Collection by Knockout Mouse
These maps are all single-chamber challenges. The entrance and exit will always be contained within the same room, and while they aren't always easy, they have a singular challenge you need to overcome to solve them. Enjoy these bite-sized test experie...
The Ferrous Chronicles, Part I : The Beginning
Collection by FerrousMan
first collection in the series, good chambers
Collection by bahus
Collection by ellen
The Quest for Cubix (Portal 2 Campaign)
Collection by [The Chubby] Battered Cod
You had just esacped Aperture Laboratories with your faithful compainion cube, Cubix, when suddenly you saw a bright light. You blacked out and woke up in a test chamber, with your Cubix being held captive at end of 'Chamber 19'. Now, you must save Cubix ...
Collection by [Salty]Nxt7
edits of fighting games like mk
Stubborn Test Chambers
Collection by Knockout Mouse
You've solved it! ....wait. No you haven't. Because every test chamber included in this collection is going to fight back. These maps will resist being solved. There is, of course, a way to beat these nefarious problems, but you need to be smarte...
Portal 2
Collection by [Yadokai] 12Cloud3
Hand in Hand
Collection by micky_schwarz
Allen Testern viel Spass in meinen "Hand in Hand" Kammern
Adrians tests part 2
Collection by Adrian the Gamer
Part 2 of Adrian tests
Time To Split Up
Collection by Endangered CDs [R|p] ★ғв★
You and your buddy will be pitted to puzzles that force the both of you to be separated throughout the chambers.
exploring old aperture - session 1
Collection by staryoshi06
these are the test chambers i made in the first session of making exploring old aperture (thats why i used my avatar as a picture) (also this is custom story cause its supposed to be a story)
A Love Story
Collection by swisher
exploring old aperture session 2
Collection by staryoshi06
these are the test chambers i made in session 2 of making exploring old aperture
Psanic Puzzlers
Collection by Psanule
The Psanic Puzzlers are my main puzzles in my workshop. Enjoy!
portal 2
Collection by Kooneki
Collection by PocKitMonster
Haven't you ever wanted to kill everthing with lazers then this is for you P.S lazer 1 is the hardest so watch out
Portal 2 creations I made.
Collection by Marduk
I made this.
Portal 2 Collections
Collection by ImTheHeadBitch
Portal 2 Collections
Leap of Faith
Collection by SkyRoots
Each chamber requires a Leap of Faith (No faith plates involved.)
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