Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: Eva Pamela
first collection.
Overlords deadly Tests
Collection by: Michi
This tests are deadly.
Collection by: [ICSR] Aliami Armador
Note: This pack contains a multiplayer and inslge player version of the same map. There are no mechanic differances between the single and multiplayer version of this map. This multiplayer version is for if you want to race another player in my gauntlet o...
My beginning chambers
Collection by: Combustible Lemon
They are simple
Turrent chambers
Collection by: Combustible Lemon
Can you be still alive?
Saturday Seven Part 1: Easy Beginnings
Collection by: nhenrica
Welcome to the Saturday Seven, my weekly (hopefully) series of custom Portal 2 Puzzles. This is Part 1: Easy Beginnings. Keep in mind that some of these are my earliest attempts at creating puzzles, so they are not very complex or elaborate. In thi...
proxy's chambers 4-7 the second slice
Collection by: vSkry
the next 4 chambers of proxy's new testing facility
Reflexes And Timing
Collection by: DocWibbleyWobbley
All seven maps in one collection.
Co-op Android Ranges
Collection by: PortablePorcupine
A couple of Android Ranges I made for Co-op.
GLaDOS: return to form part 1
Collection by: Object 263
GLaDOS is on the return and the test chambers are ready.
GlaDos Secret Test Chamber
Collection by: Platinkid
Can you test it ?
Portal-2 Extras
Collection by: Mr. Fixit
This a set of extra test chambers or test chambers that glados could have had stockpiled somwhere. I am making them so that they start out easy and get more difficult as you play through them,just like in the game.
Lego's Tests
Collection by: L.E.G.O.S.
These are all the tests I've made and published. I tried to make them as hard as possible. Also if you think you cheated to beat one of the levels, you didn't actually cheat. It was most likely the soulution :P
Chrono Sphere's Testing Challenge
Collection by: SuperNova™
Here lays the beginning of a new testing Stage. With Glados busy with the Major Testing of potential Human test subjects, she decided to create a core to deal with the minor test subjects that are most likey to die in her more complex tests. The Chr...
Portal 3
Collection by: [00c921]Brandan
**SPOILERS** After wheately was sent up into space and Chell was released from Aperture, something weird happened. Glados was taken over by the one and only ratman, and instead of shutting down Aperture, he tracked down Chell and forced her to start a ...
Portal 3
Collection by: Microsoft Powerpoint
This is MY version of portal 3. There is NO space and NO outside levels.
Gel Testing
Collection by: acerio
The Gel Testing Series by acerio98 is a collection of five tests featuring the four gels found in the Portal world: Repulsion Gel, Propulsion Gel, Conversion Gel, and Cleansing Gel. Each test uses the gels in different, unique ways to help you get the the...
HaL's Test Chamber Challenge
Collection by: JetBlack™♫♪
HaL's Test Chamber challenge is a series of Simple and Complex Chambers designed to push human testing to the limitations. HaL is not a huge fan of human beings or any other species other then him self, oh and Cave Johnson, his creator. These test cham...
TheRightGuy's Users Collection
Collection by: solo.dev
An attempt to collect all of the rooms made by users of TheRightGuy's Minecraft server's players. Some are easy, some hard, but all in all, all are fun!
Denso's Map Collection
Collection by: Deиso
Moss Creations
Collection by: Moss
Collection by: maxalbali
Super Puzzle Extreme Challenge - Untranslatable Mystery
Collection by: Crichton
Ayoto Corporation is proud to present, Super Puzzle Extreme Challenge - Untranslatable Mystery. Deep in the confines of the Secret Division of Advanced Engineering lab, Ayoto Scientist have been working on what they call the evolution of Japanse televisio...
Aperture Science Advanced Repulsion Gel Test Chamber
Collection by: NeoRetro10K
This collection contains a Repulsion Gel test and its Challenge Map counterpart.
4x4 Revolution
Collection by: Jsushi
THIS is the 4x4 Revolution. Each map consists of four chambers. Each chamber is 4x4 in size. You think it's not enough space to put a test in? We'll see.
Collection by: Magnon | Mainfrezzer
Magnon Chambers
Vapour Waterhandle 1
Collection by: Mr Vapour Waterhandle
A map pack with a few of what I consider my best maps. You can click on each for screenshots. The order in which they appear here is my recommended order to play them. Why should you play them over the thousands of other maps? Because they're unique, a...
What is this
Collection by: Morgoth
Collection by: Razbool
Enigmatique puzzles a 2 ! 2 x plus de chances de pas mourir ! Quoi que...
Collection by: nΞqq_ɥǝıʌsʞɔǝɹp
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